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Difference between Soul and Spirit

Difference between Soul and Spirit

Soul vs. Spirit

What is Difference between Soul and Spirit? Today more than ever the terms “soul” and “spirit” are used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing; ignoring that reality is about two very different aspects. These two words had a lot of weight in their day, and still today they have for many people. According to various beliefs, soul and spirit are part of all human beings. In some cases they are considered as divine gifts that should be revered and cared for.

Difference between Soul and Spirit

The concepts soul and spirit are used as synonyms, but differ in context. Let us see what the differences between soul and spirit are.


The soul is what in reality the human being is, in many cases literally means “life” and is not limited only to human life. On the other hand, it also has to do with the thinking, the feelings and the inner life of the people. The soul is considered as a distinct entity, separated from the body; created precisely for the purpose of having an existence apart from it, which represents vanity and the mundane.

The body is the physical part, the perishable part; while the soul is the spiritual part of human beings (in some cases, also of animals and plants). According to most beliefs, the soul is immortal, but depending on the behavior of the person on Earth; your soul could suffer or avoid torments. In essence, the soul is what it really is; incorporates the thoughts, the will, the desires, and the emotions … of the people. It does not die and passes to a higher plane, that is, to an existence that is not worldly.


It is the principle of conscious life, the vital principle or the spark of life of every human being. The spirit animates the body and acts as a mediator between the body and the soul.

The spirit is also not a material part of the human being and although it is something incorporeal; depending on the place and the particular character through which it manifests itself, one can speak of “bad spirits”. The spirit is what makes the body move; it is the breath of life. It is the source of power and control. When we die, the spirit leaves the body, but unlike the soul, it ceases to exist.

However, in some cases (depending on the belief), the spirit can persist beyond the death of the body and manifest itself in different ways. Also, for some philosophical systems and religious beliefs, the soul is also material, as is the body. It should be noted that the word “spirit” has a much wider connotation than “soul”; because it could also refer to angels, fairies, demons, goblins; among other beings. Spirit is a word with many meanings.

Finally, depending on the beliefs of each person, the attributes of the soul and spirit can vary. For some, both concepts refer to the same thing; but in books like the Bible there is a clear difference. For example: in the part of Genesis where it says “Let the earth bring forth living souls according to their kind, the moving animal and animal, and the wild beast of the earth according to its kind.” On the other hand, in the book of James, it says “the body without spirit is dead”. It may be noted that in the Bible these two words have different meanings.

Key differences between Soul and Spirit

  • The soul is immortal, but the spirit is not.
  • The soul is what the person really is, beyond the body; while the spirit is a mediator between body and soul.
  • The soul has to do with the emotional aspect and with the life itself of the creatures, while the spirit is the force that allows the body to function.

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