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Difference between Intelligence and Talent

Difference between Intelligence and Talent

Intelligence vs. Talent

Difference between Intelligence and Talent: – People often say to others as a form of flattery, “you are smart” or “you are talented” and often use these two terms indistinctly, because they do not know what the difference is between the two. In spite of everything, both intelligence and talent have a certain relationship to each other; for this reason, we will now see what the features that differentiate one from other are.

Difference between Intelligence and Talent

According to most dictionaries, intelligence is: the capacity for learning, understanding and mental aptitude to grasp truths, relationships, facts, meanings … It is also said to be the manifestation of a high mental capacity and the faculty of understanding.

Intelligence can help in academic studies, because it allows obtaining a good understanding and a good reasoning; which can lead to greater learning. This ability is widely studied in humans, but studies on plants and animals have also been carried out.

Basically, intelligence (the word comes from the Latin “intelligential “) is the ability to learn or understand information quickly and accurately. It is said that nobody is born intelligent, but one from childhood has to work to improve their skills. But many psychologists enter into controversy on this last point, since some argue that intelligence is predetermined by genes and others say it is not genetic; but is given by the environment in which the individual develops; however, in the last few years the majority of specialists claim that both genetics and the environment play an important role in the development of people’s intelligence.

There are many theories about this and many psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists have presented their work on this subject. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences is well known, as is Daniel Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence. A number of tests have also been developed to measure the intelligence of human beings, but these, as new theories have arisen on this subject, have lost much of their credibility.

Talent can be defined as a special ability or an aptitude that arises naturally. It is a capacity to achieve or achieve something. For example: the talent to draw. Talent is related to intelligence in the sense that it is detached from it. If a person does not have any intelligence he may not be able to have a talent. It is said that with the talent is born. Certainly, even if a person is not born with particular talent; it can be cultivated and improved through practice, but it hardly ever equals someone who has the talent to do the same thing.

Key Differences between Intelligence and Talent

  • Talent is considered as a natural skill or aptitude with which the person is born, however, most studies point out that intelligence involves both genetic and environmental.
  • Talent is the ability to achieve or achieve something, while intelligence is the ability to understand, understand, assimilate and process information that serves to solve problems quickly.

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