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Difference between Sadness and Depression | Sadness vs. Depression

Difference between Sadness and Depression | Sadness vs. Depression

Sadness vs. Depression

What the is difference between Sadness and Depression: When we talk about emotions, more than one can feel confused; but it is important to distinguish between each of these and more than that, to understand their causes, since in this way we will be easier to overcome certain states that in the long run could even cause us to suffer from one or another disease.

Today, the taboo that psychologists only treat “crazy” has been almost completely overcome, which is why more and more people consult with these specialists to help them deal with certain problems. Although this openness and motivation to put aside prejudice is very positive, it also has its dark side, and is that there are many people who co-found their emotions and for this reason are looking for or are pressured to seek help from psychologists (including psychiatrists); although they do not really need it.

Among the problems that affect the most people who seek help are depression and stress; but in the case of the first people tend to confuse it with sadness (which is completely normal). For this reason we will clarify the difference between sadness and depression.

Difference between Sadness and Depression

It is important to know if a person is sad or depressed, so that he can recover. Basically, what sets sadness apart from depression is that the former is not constant, whereas the latter is usually very prolonged.

Depression is a disease , a persistent ailment that is the result of distorted thoughts, that is, thoughts about events are not realistic. It can be triggered by various factors; from the loss of a job to an illness or near death. Depression is a prolonged sadness and is not a normal human emotion. It does not have a timeline, but must be controlled and managed with patience.

Depression occurs when a person’s emotional filters are distorted so that they do not let the individual see the facts in an objective manner. Symptoms of depression include: lack of energy, loss of interest in normal activities, excess or lack of appetite, excess or lack of sleep, and loss of concentration. Continuous stress could also trigger depression.

This disease can have serious consequences if left untreated. Many people may be affected by personal relationships, work performance and even suicide. Usually a depressed person feels very lonely and suspicious.

On the other hand, sadness is a term that is used to define a human emotion that causes an affective pain and a moral decay. It is a basic emotion of the human being and can feel it every person even if it is healthy.

Many people may feel sad when they see a fight between their parents, when they do wrong on the exams or when they fight with the couple; but this emotion is short term, it is exceeded in a short period of time. Sadness can reduce people’s ability to enjoy, but cannot completely destroy it.

It is a feeling we have all experienced in life and will most likely experience again. The emotional symptoms of sadness range from anguish, anger, irritability, hopelessness, lack of self-esteem … while physical symptoms may be changes in appetite, sleep problems, among others. Each person reacts differently to sadness, which is why symptoms may vary.

Key Differences between Sadness and Depression

  • Depression is a disease, while sadness is a normal emotional state in humans.
  • Sadness is short-lived, but depression is persistent and long-term.
  • There are many types of depression, while sadness is something normal and specific (although the symptoms vary from one person to another).
  • Sadness is something that is easily eliminated, while depression requires treatment.
  • Those who are sad do not need a mental health professional, but a depressed person should be taken care of by a specialist.

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