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Difference between Hip-hop and Techno

Difference between Hip-hop and Techno

What is Difference between Hip-hop and Techno? Music offers a variety of options for young people and adults. Each type of music defines an era in which it existed. Rock and roll, trance, techno and hip hop are some of the popular musical types.

Difference between Hip-hop and Techno

Hip-hop saw his birth together with the African-American culture. This type of music has concepts such as looping, freestyle, rap, dj and break dance.

Hip hop was an advantage for immigrants since they used music to express their political and social challenges in the 70s. The dynamic style of hip hop took and found many different expressions in rhythms and beats. The hip hp also saw a creative way to experiment with electric and live sounds that led to a revolution in the use of technology in the African-American culture.

A rapper named Cowboy Wiggins used the word hip hop while making fun of his friend in the US military in 1978. Wiggin’s chanted hip hop, hip hop to try to imitate the sound of the march of the soldiers, Wiggins introduced this type of music in his show thus leading to the birth of hip hop music and culture.

Nowadays the music has had a very big development leading to the use of instruments such as the piano, synthesizer, machines, drums, guitars to create a hip hop effect.

Techno is a type of electronic music used for dance numbers since 1980, during the time of capitalist society in America. Techno music saw its light around the year 1988. Initial techno music included the use of disco, house, electro, funk and jazz. His fiction or futuristic themes added more life to techno. Techno music forms its style with industrial or home-made Chicago.

Juan Atkins, a pioneer music producer, defined techno when inspiration came to him to create techno music. According to Derrick May another musical producer, the emotional transfer of the spirit to a machine helps to express the spirituality technologically.

The genre of techno music originated from the music of people like Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Eddie Fowlkes. All these musicians were from Belleville High, near Detroit in the 80s. These four music producers created wonders such as Atkin’sModel 500, Magic Juan, Flintstones, and Fowlkes as Eddie, Saunderson. They left like Mayday, Thythim and R-Tyme. These great heads also produced other great successes together.

Techno is an electronic subgenre with great drums and high tempo music. Anyone can very easily identify techno music. Techno music can be confused with electronics. Techno music has a great influence on house music. It is believed that acid house music was produced to emulate the style of techno music. Techno music and acid house became very popular in the United Kingdom.

Innovation and the revolution in music have led to the fusion and development of the appreciation of original music.

In Summary:

  • Hip hop music originated from African American culture.
  • Techno music originated from various types of music such as funk, electro and disco.
  • Techno is an electronic subgenre with great sounds on drums and high tempo music while hip hop is not.

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