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Difference between Hand and Arm

Difference between Hand and Arm

Everyone knows the difference between their arms and hands: one is a long part of your body that ends with five fingers, while the other is part of those five fingers. That’s an easy distinction to make–until it comes to ailments or injuries relating to both areas. When it comes to discussing hand and arm issues, understanding where one begins and another ends can be more difficult than you think. In this blog post, we’ll break down exactly what makes up each one so you can clearly understand the differences between these two components of our anatomy.

What is Hand?

The hand is an amazing thing to behold. It is the symbol for strength, skill, and power as it can lift heavy weights or simply caress a newborn baby’s face. Hand has several articulations which come together to allow us unique abilities, from picking up a pencil to delicately threading a needle.

The hand works with our brains, allowing us to do complex tasks which would not be possible without its use. The hand plays a vital role in the everyday lives of all people, no matter their age, gender, or lifestyle – whether that may be running through life’s obstacles or catching a ball on the playground. Without hands, humans would be restricted and unable to enjoy the same freedom we have today.

What is an Arm?

An Arm is an upper limb of the human body, extending from the shoulder to the elbow and ending in a hand with an opposable thumb, allowing humans to grasp objects. An arm also consists of many muscles, bones, and ligaments which allow humans an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to movement like walking and balancing activities. An arm’s ability to take on these delicate tasks is what makes them so important for everyday life. There are even cosmetic surgeries that people can get on their arms if they want an enhanced look – something we could never imagine an animal being able to do!

Difference between Hand and Arm

The Hand and Arm are two body parts that may seem similar but are actually quite different. The Hand is the portion of the arm between the wrist and the fingers, consisting of a Palm, webbed skin in between the digits, and various types of tubercles. Hand muscles enable precision movements including grasping small objects, pinching with thumb and finger, and making fine adjustments.

In contrast to the Hand, the Arm contains bone and muscle that supports the Hand and enables a wide range of movement. It allows us to perform activities like carrying and throwing objects; swinging a golf club; or reaching out to shake someone’s hand. Differentiating Hand from Arm can help with assessing certain medical conditions related to Hand or Arm immobilization.


The hand is made up of the palm, fingers, and thumb, while the arm is made up of the upper arm and lower arm. The main difference between the hand and arm is that the hand is a part of the extremity that helps in performing activities such as writing, holding, and grabbing objects, whereas the arm is a long bone that extends from the shoulder to the elbow to the wrist.

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