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Difference Between Hadith and Quran | Hadith vs. Quran

Difference Between Hadith and Quran | Hadith vs. Quran

Hadith vs. Quran

Difference between Hadith and Quran: – As Muslims we have heard about Hadith and Quran and know the difference between both of them. But a person who is non Muslim probably ask a question what is the difference between Hadith and Quran even sometimes Muslims seems asking about this question as well. Let’s discuss the difference between Hadith and Quran.

Difference between Hadith and Quran

When discussing Islam, one cannot point out the Quran without talking about the Hadith. It really is like both of these are inseparable but not completely interchangeable. Quran can be thought of more of a guideline for the humans to understand their purpose of life but Hadith on the other hand assists as an important tool in understanding the orders given byAllah. In other words, there is a huge difference between Quran and Hadith, but both of them can be thought of, to be religious food given at the right time.
For a Muslim, both, the Quran and the Hadith, are an essentialpart of hislife to help him attain his purpose. Even at the bleakest of situations, both of these never stop to give a surprise, as the answer to any kind of situation can be found within them.
The Quran is thought by its followers to be the precise words of Allah that have been disclosed to his Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), within an interval of around 23 years. The Holy Quran proved the fact that Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of Allah.Moreover, Muslims believe that the message given to us by Allah has been virtually recorded word by word in the Quran. The Quran does not only provide in-depth historical accounts but also helps in directing the human towards the right path.

On the other hand, the Hadith is different from Quran in the manner that it can be thought of the physical form of the teachings of Quran.The writings are structured solely from activities and sayings of Muhammad (S.A.W) which are being used to help in getting a deeper understanding of the Quran. The Prophet (S.A.W) himself specified the difference and made it clear that Hadith is comprised of his own words but the Quran was in essence about Allah’s own words. For Muslims, the Hadithis highly esteemed and is vital in clarifying issues especially when it involves Islamic jurisprudence, or discussing their observance of moral, ritual, and communal issues.

With these differences, one can conclude that both, the Quran and the Hadith, are of extreme importanceto help one in understanding Islam’s beliefs. So, The Hadith, in other words, acts as a supplement to the Quran. Now I’m sure you people have a clear idea about both Hadith and Quran, especially the difference between both of them. Keep visiting the website to learn more about such similar terms and objects, which confuses you a lot.

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