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Difference between Pure and Applied Research

Difference between Pure and Applied Research

Pure Research vs. Applied Research

Difference between Pure and Applied Research: –

From the very start of research work, I think we all need to know either we are doing pure research work or applied research work.

Sometimes we seem confusing to understand the difference between pure research and applied research.

This is article is all about pure and applied research and the difference between them.

Difference between Pure and Applied Research

Research is often classified into different categories such as qualitative and quantitative research, as well as pure and applied research.

While qualitative and quantitative research is based on classifying the research on the basis of data and methods used;

whereas, pure and applied research is based on the aim of the research.

Hence, the key difference between pure and applied research will depend on their goal.

Pure Research

Pure research, also known as fundamental or primary research, is conducted without a particular goal in mind.

The main purpose of pure research is to identify different variables acting on a system or to study the relationship between different variables.

Thus, it increases our understanding of the world and introduces new theories, ideas, and rules as well as acts as a progressive way of thinking.

Pure research is done for studying the source of new information and introducing better ways of research.

Pure research is driven by interest and is more exploratory in nature than applied research.

Sometimes pure research can act as groundwork for applied research.

Applied Research

Applied research, unlike pure research, is conducted in order to solve a specific and practical problem.

For that reason, it tends to be descriptive in nature. On the other hand, applied research is often based on basic research or pure research.

As it is involved with resolving practical problems, it usually attempts to include empirical methods in it.

Applied research can be used in a number of fields such as medicine, technology, education, or agriculture.

For example, applied research has been for different studies,

i.e. studying the relationship between genetics and cancer, observing the capability of kids to differentiate between different things, etc.

Such studies always have a particular goal in mind and compared to pure research, can be a lot easier, since one already knows what he’s aiming at.

Moreover, the results of applied research are usually intended for present use, not for the future.

That is also important to note that applied studies are always based on the information or theories learned through preliminary research.

Major Differences between both Pure and Applied Research

  1. Pure research is conducted without a particular goal in mind.
  2. Applied research is conducted with a certain goal in mind.
  3. The main purpose of pure research is to advance knowledge.
  4. The main goal of applied studies is to solve a specific problem related to real life.
  5. Pure research is self-exploratory in nature.
  6. Pure research identifies new ideas, principals and innovative ways of thinking.
  7. Applied studies are usually based on the data of pure research.
  8. Findings of a pure research usually have a future use, are not just meant for use in current time.
  9. Findings of applied research are always focused on the problems at hand, rather than the ones that can rise in future.


So now after these major differences between pure and applied research,

especially what is pure research and what is meant by the applied research.

you must have any further confusion about pure and applied research.

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