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Difference between Gossip and Rumor

Difference between Gossip and Rumor

Gossip and rumors result from the social interaction that many people would like to avoid or in which they would like to avoid being victims. However, there are some differences between the two terms.

Difference between Gossip and Rumor

Gossip refers to someone talking about something or someone with another person or a group of people. The rumor refers to the disclosure of specific information that has not been verified and that is about something or someone. In other words, it could be true or false.

Many people get involved in some kind of gossip, especially with friends or family. It can express disapproval, sharing discontent or opinion from someone’s point of view about a certain action or a certain person. Being included in some kind of gossip is not considered very harmful as long as you do not influence other people with negative thoughts. For example, commenting with friends or family on the way a wedding was organized can be a gossip that does not hurt anyone.

On the other hand, a rumor is spread by a person with a specific purpose in mind, most of them criticizing the character of the person involved. For example, saying that someone is pregnant without real evidence of the fact is a rumor. Corporate rumors are often dispersed to increase or decrease the value of a company’s stock in the stock market or to criticize a company’s reputation against its customers or suppliers.

People who talk about gossip can be doing it while they have free time or time to have a little conversation with their friends. On the other hand, the person who tries to spread rumors will look for specific people and talk with them to leave the rumor in other people.

It is not necessary that all gossip is not harmful, in some cases they end up affecting people who are the target of gossip. People who spread rumors may also be involved in gossip and pretend to make it seem lightweight while spreading the rumor during a conversation, this in a natural way.

Sometimes, gossip is motivated as a good way to understand or know the emotions, beliefs and opinions. Many companies while disapproving gossip could use these to be able to understand their employees, competitors and market.

In Summary:

  • Gossip is a small talk with a person or with a group of people about something or someone without a specific purpose and goal. Rumor is a deliberate attempt to spread unproven facts or information about a person or thing with the intent to defame it.
  • Gossip is considered less harmful than rumors, although sometimes it can also be harmful.
  • Sometimes a bit of gossip is approved while rumors are generally disapproved.

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