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Difference between Customer and Consumer

Difference between Customer and Consumer

Customer vs. Consumer

What is Difference between Customer and Consumer? In this corporate climate oriented to service, the consideration we have with the end user is often the biggest reason for the decision-making process in any company. On the other hand, even the fast food worker is indoctrinated in how to provide the best service to the guests at his restaurant. While both examples can be considered within customer service, it is a more accurate description to say that a company is more concerned with customer service while a fast food restaurant is more concerned with customer service. Below this post is all about the difference between Customer and Consumer.

Difference between Customer and Consumer

Definition of Consumer and Customer

Consumer is a person who pays money to buy services or goods from another person or company.

Client is also a person who buys services or goods. However, there are other definitions for the client as someone who is under the protection of another person. It can also mean someone who receives long-term benefits or services from another person whether he is paid or not.

Etymology of Consumer and Customer

The word consumer began to make use in the old English medium, the English of Chaucer. It refers to the customs officer, the person who collects the payment of the food ticket at a certain point.

The word client has been used since Roman times. It was originally used to describe states or rulers who were clients of the Roman Empire. These clients were granted protection and treatment in exchange for a vote of loyalty to the empire.

Modern uses of Consumer and Customer

Consumer implies a short term for a mainly economic relationship. A consumer usually goes to a store, buys something and then leaves. Sometimes, if someone is a consumer of a restaurant for a long time they receive the title of best consumer or favorite consumer by the restaurateur.

The word client has a more professional sense. When the services of a professional such as a lawyer or therapist are used, that person becomes your client. In business too, companies that buy from other companies for a long period of time refer to these people as their customers. Clients have more prestige than consumers.

  • Other implications of consumer and client
  • Consumer is a word of neutral connotation. Being a consumer does not bring any added judgment to that word.
  • Being a client is because of the protection aspect of a relationship can sometimes have a negative meaning due to the services of being a customer of the mafia.

In Summary

  • Consumer and customer, while essentially referring to people who buy things, have different shades of meanings.
  • Clients are people who have a long-term relationship with a service provider while a consumer is in a short-term relationship.
  • Sometimes customers also have a relationship of protection or service additions with their provider while it is not present in a consumer-supplier relationship.
  • The word client usually has a connotation that implies professionalism and stability while the word consumer has a neutral connotation.

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