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Difference between Cold War and War on Terror

Difference between Cold War and War on Terror

Cold War vs War on Terror

Difference between Cold War and War on Terror: – Time has gone when wars held face to face and human being directly involved in it. Now days things have been changed and such air fighters and drown has been introduced in the world, which are directly controlled from the head offices. There is no pilot there and they automatically fly in the air participates in war. There is no human life wasting here. Cold and war on terror are also the new terminologies, which are now days common and two different types of war. So the question is what is difference between cold war and war on terror?

Difference between Cold war and War on Terror

Throughout its history, America has led and participated in several wars. The Cold War and the War on Terror are one of the most recent and impressive types of the wars to prevent the spreading of ideologies that are considered dangerous for the whole world. There are a lot of differences between Cold war and the war on terror, as both are being fought on two different battlefields.

  • Cold War

Due to the chaotic aftermath of World War II, the United States priorities changed. The Soviet Union, which fought alongside the US through the war during the Second World War, was considered to be a great danger to the American supremacy in the world. Furthermore, besides fearing the Soviet expansionist tendencies, America was alarmed by the communist ideology that was continuously infiltrating European countries.

  • War on Terror

The word “War on Terror” identifies the plan initiated by the previous U.S. Leader George W. Bush in response to the Al-Qaida 9/11 terrorist attacks. Due to the aftermath of the tragedy of Sept 11, 2001, Leader Bush declared a war against al-Qaida and every other terrorist group. He said that “Our battle on terror commences with al-Qaida but it will not end there. We won’t stop the war until every terrorist group in the world is found and defeated.”

Major Differences

Both Cold War and the Conflict on Terror have observed a huge involvement of America, and both of the battles were targeted at eradicating an ideology considered dangerous or intimidating for the supremacy of the USA over the world. Despite few common features, the differences between the two wars are obvious:

  • The Cold War was conducted against Communism and the Soviet Union, as the War on Terror is aimed at eradicating terrorism and terrorist activities and bombings happening in different areas of the world, particularly in Middle Asia.
  • The Cold War never noticed a primary confrontation between the two superpowers (even if both backed opposing causes in Korea and Vietnam), but the War on Terror is being fought between American forces and all the terrorist groups;
  • The Cold War commenced due to the aftermath of World Battle II and concluded with the collapse of the Soviet Union, as the Battle on Terror was announced following the 9/11 terrorist attack and is still ongoing (even though Al-Qaida is not a priority of the war anymore.

The two issues experienced serious damages for the North American (and the global) politics and financial steadiness and have provoked a large number of casualties that could be avoided. Moreover, they have proved to be extremely costly. The Cold War eventually came to an end, primarily because the Soviet Union was torn to pieces and the rest was taken care of with peaceful diplomatic attempts. On the other hand, the War on Terror is not over yet and has introduced a far more dangerous terrorist threat for the whole world, so peaceful diplomatic attempts are now being made to prevent the real picture from being seen.

Despite the facts that both the wars cold war and war on terrorism are started by the United States of America, but still the fact is that United States of America is actively the part of both and trying to control over them. The actual war is to be the super power of the world; these wars are actually a one step towards it. This is only reason we can see United States of America spending billions of Dollars every year in such wars.

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