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Difference between CIA and DIA

Difference between CIA and DIA


Differences between CIA and DIA: – Now day’s underground investigations and operations are common. Our forces did not participate directly in any operation, first our intelligence investigates the whole matter and collects the proof and then our forces directly operate the matters. CIA and DIA is also such sort of inelegance agencies, who work underground to collect proof and information various different but sensitive matters.  Here the question is what is difference between CIA and DIA?

Difference between CIA and DIA

Almost, every one of us has heard about the terms CIA and DIA. Both, the CIA and DIA, are the investigation agencies and are entrusted with the responsibility to keep the United States safe against the enemies, from both within and outside the country. And this is exactly what we usually see in the films. Actually, Hollywood has generated a billion-dollar business surrounding the heroic image of security agencies saving the globe and utilizing the latest high-tech progressive gadgets and tools to complete their missions.

In reality, there are four main U.S. security agencies – the Government Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Investigation Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Company (DIA) and the National Security Company (NSA). All four are, indeed, highly secret and well-organized companies, but their work is a lot more bureaucratic and filled up with uncertainty than we may think.


The CIA is often considered the main investigation agency regarding the intelligence operations done in other countries as well as keeping the citizens safe from their operations. That’s why it is also known by the name of Central Investigation Agency. The main responsibilities of this agency are:

  • To conduct international covert operations
  • To Gather and analyze information that concerns the national security
  • And to inform the U.S authorities in order to aid the leaders and the policymakers in making the international policies (particularly as far as national security can be involved)


DIA is also known by the name of Defense Intelligence Agency and is responsible for:

  • Collecting information regarding international military
  • Analyzing the gathered information
  • Providing advice to the Joint Chief of Personnel
  • Providing crucial information and instructions to combatant.

Major Differences

Even though, all US Intelligence agencies are entrusted with the responsibility of defending the country and its citizens, safe from international and domestic dangers. But there are a lot of differences exist, which sure you want to know.

  • CIA deals with wide-range/general issues related to national security; as the DIA is an armed service organization regarding military and protection operations;
  • DIA is area of the National Office of Defense as the CIA can execute covert operations and does not have any parent firm to be accountable to;
  • The data gathered by the CIA can be used to preventive measures taken against the country. On the other hand, the information provided by the DIA acts as the basis for planning future military services operations;
  • Both organizations are accountable to the top-ranked policymakers in the government but the DIA has more strong links with armed forces representatives and commanders.

Therefore, even if both companies often cooperate, they officially have different duties and mandates as they were established to attain different goals. We may also say that the end goal of both CIA and DIA is same and is to protect the nation from the various harmful matters either national or international. The only and main difference is one is working nationally and other work internationally to investigate matters and to collect information.

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