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Difference between Civic and Cobalt

Difference between Civic and Cobalt

Civic vs Cobalt

What is the Difference between Civic and Cobalt? Since Henry Ford invented the Model T, automobiles have been an essential part of our daily lives. They take us wherever we want to go day and night. Two large car manufacturers compete for the main market position today, Honda and Chevrolet, both with their sporty models such as the Honda Civic and the Chevrolet Cobalt.

Difference between Civic and Cobalt

Many people have these two models in mind when buying a car and have had many problems trying to decide. Therefore it is logical that we make a list of pros and cons between both cars so that consumers know the differences between these two and in the end make a good decision.

Below we list relevant aspects of a car, its differences, and similarities, hoping to provide relevant information for the consumer that can serve them when making the purchase of one or the other car.


This is the first question that all potential buyers ask. People want their cars to feel agile and fast and not as if they were driving a gigantic bag of bricks. When it comes to Civic and Cobalt, both cars are handled almost identically and both have almost the same radius of return.

This is where the Chevrolet Cobalt takes the lead. The Cobalt has a much larger engine compared to the Civic. Torque is almost the same as acceleration, so in this respect, the Cobalt is much faster than the Honda Civic. But keep in mind that having a smaller engine because it provides more gas for miles, take this into account when deciding which car to buy.


The Civic and the Cobalt have both the same advantages in terms of passenger capacity.


The front cabin of the Honda Civic is wider than that of the Chevrolet Cobalt. The Civics’ wider and more ergonomic design allows more space for passengers than the Cobalt.


And finally, the most important aspect that we should all consider, is the price. When you want to buy a car from an agency there is always a standard charge for the carriage of the car from your place of origin. For both cars, the Civic and the Cobalt said charge is the same. Related to mileage, the Honda Civic has better mileage than the Cobalt because of its small engine, but not by a very large margin. Relative to MSRP, the Civic costs more than the Cobalt.

In Summary:

  • The front cabin of the Honda Civic is more spacious than that of the Cobalt.
  • The Cobalt is cheaper than a Honda Civic.
  • The Cobalt has a larger engine compared to the Civic.

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