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Difference between Buttonholes and Washers


Buttonholes and Washers

What is Difference between Buttonholes and Washers? Many people do not stop to think about the differences between a buttonhole and a washer unless they are involved in some type of sewing or manufacturing work. This article will focus on the differences between buttonholes and washers.

Difference between Buttonholes and Washers

A buttonhole is a small piece of metal that is used to reinforce a hole in a piece of cloth, usually made of brass. Generally, because a buttonhole has a more attractive halter it is typically used as decoration in garments. One side of the eyelet has a barrier that is inserted into the gap of the material, on the other side it has a halter that extends to the barrier. The device is adjusted with a tool to flatten the pieces that allow the barrier to extend to reinforce the hole.

The washers are very similar to the eyelets in that they are used to reinforce a hole; however, the washers are heavier than the eyelets. They can also be used to protect an appliance from the sharp edges of the hole to prevent damage to the device.

Selection of Eyelets or Washers

So what determines which one is chosen between these two devices? There are many things that need to be taken into account, such as:

  • The type and thickness of the fabric or material to be used
  • The dimension of the hole
  • The visibility of the area, whether decorative or functional.

Generally, if the material is small and light, an eyelet is used, particularly if it is used as decoration. If the material is heavier and is expected to last longer, the use of a washer is recommended.


Normally, the eyelets have laces, ribbons or other fabrics that are extracted from the perforation to reinforce the connection or to tie to another piece of fabric. These are often used in dresses to pass through them strips for decoration of the garment or in hats, belts or shoes.

The washers are used for heavier fabrics such as candles, tents or flags but they are also used in corsets in the garment industry. The washers are also found in curtains or heavy fabrics that are used to hold rings that go inside a metal bar. The washers are also used in the manufacture of various products such as electric cables that must pass through a metal or wooden curtain, to protect them from damage. The washers are also used as surgical remedies for otitis media or inflammation of the eardrum.

In Summary:

  • A buttonhole is a small piece of metal that is used to reinforce a hole in a piece of cloth, while a washer is used to reinforce a hole.
  • If the fabric is light, an eyelet is used, while if the fabric is heavy a washer is used.

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