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Difference between Burial, Funeral and Cremation

Difference between Burial, Funeral and Cremation

Burial vs. Funeral vs. Cremation

What is difference between Burial, Funeral and Cremation? Death is inevitable, but depending on the culture, to which it belongs, the way in which it is seen and the rituals followed at the time of burial of the deceased can vary greatly. Maybe this is not the most enjoyable conversation topic, but it’s always good to know some things that are related to what no one has been able to avoid so far. As we know that you want to broaden your knowledge, here’s the difference between three concepts related to death and often confused: burial, funeral and cremation.

Difference between Burial, Funeral and Cremation

This is an action that consists in placing the body of the beloved person in a space (hole) that has been dug in the earth, many times next to its objects more appreciated.

The body is usually placed inside a coffin, although not in all cultures it happens like this; which is sealed and deposited in the selected space. In the case of many families, the churches they frequent have their own cemeteries in which they can be buried; but in most cases people are buried in state cemeteries.


The funeral is a formal ceremony that is performed for the purpose of remembering, sanctifying, or honoring the dead. Depending on the culture, there are different ways to celebrate the funeral. In some places it is prayed and in others, it is even danced, but in what most funerals coincide around the world is in its religious character.


Cremation is a process in which the deceased person’s body is burned until only their ashes remain. The process is defined as the combustion, vaporization or oxidation of the corpse based on chemicals or fragments of ash and minerals. In many cases, especially in heavily populated countries, cremation is a good alternative to burial; because that way saves space in the cemeteries.

The Key difference between funeral, burial and cremation is the funeral is a mostly religious ritual, burial is the action of placing the body of the dead person inside the earth and cremation is a process that consists of burning the corpse until only the ashes remain.

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