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Difference between Mother’s Day and Women’s Day

Difference between Mother's Day and Women's Day

Mother’s Day vs. Women’s Day

What is the Difference between Mother’s Day and Women’s Day? Many people believe that Mother’s Day and Women’s Day are the same or both are due to the same circumstances, but the truth is that they are different celebrations that have different origins and reasons to be celebrated.

Difference between Mother’s Day and Women’s Day

Here below is all about the difference between mother’s day and women’s day. Continue reading to learn about these two women’s related days.

Mother’s day
It was once believed that Mother’s Day had its origin in the celebration of Mother’s Day celebrated by Catholics and Protestants; but the truth is that this is not the case, since that festival consisted of returning to the “mother church” or cathedral of the area where the person had been raised, to render service in her. Mother’s Day as we know it today is a celebration whose date of origin is marked at the beginning of the 20th century and is due mainly to a woman named Anna Jarvis.

Anna Jarvis, whose daughter had the same name, founded several clubs in different cities of the United States. They were intended to help improve the living conditions of working men and women.

When her mother died, Anna Jarvis, daughter succeeded in establishing Mother’s Day in 1919 at the international level.

This day is celebrated (in some countries the second Sunday of May and in others the last) in honor of the sacrifices that mothers make to carry out their children and their family.

Women’s Day
International Women’s Day was also established in the early 20th century, in New York City. At a historic moment when women could work, but they did not have laws regulating their hours and working conditions. At that time long hours were worked in horrible conditions.

All this changed in 1908 when a group of women marched through New York City demanding that working hours be shorter and that conditions were better. In 1909 women won the fight when the first National Women’s Day was declared in the United States. Today, Women’s Day is celebrated to recognize the achievements of women.

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