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Difference between Bullying and Harassment

Difference between Bullying and Harassment

Bullying vs. Harassment

What is difference between Bullying and Harassment? No matter how old you are or how successful you have to face bullying or harassment is a very unpleasant aspect. In its worst aspect it can destabilize your routine and can complicate your self-esteem or even your health. If you feel that you may be a victim of harassment or bullying, it is important to know the distinctions between these two and the steps you can take to eliminate it from your life.

Difference between Bullying and Harassment

Places where you can be a victim of bullying and Harassment:

Bullying: usually happens in the comfort zone of the harasser. This space is almost always in the school, the workplace or in places associated with these two, such as the parking lot and a bar or restaurant.

Harassment: can take place anywhere. It can happen in the same location as bullying, but it can also happen in a public or neutral environment.

Who can be the one who does bullying or Harassment?

Bullying: it is usually done by someone you know and know. It may not be fencing, but at least you are familiar with yourself and your life.

Harassment: can be done by someone you know but also by a complete stranger, someone who has never seen before and may never see again.

The reasons for bullying and Harassment:

Bullying: many studies have been done on cases of bullying. It seems that people who are hooked on bullying, in schools and workplaces, do so because of a sense of insecurity. At school the objectives are people who seem weaker than those who perform this act. However, in the workplace often the opposite is true and bullying takes place where the co-worker feels intimidated by the success of another.

Harassment: People tend to assume that people who are different from themselves are bad. Therefore the harassment is based on the discrimination of someone due to their color, beliefs, nationality, sex and sexual preference.

Official actions against Bullying and Harassment

Bullying is an internal matter. If you feel that you are a victim of bullying, you should document those bullying encounters and then report them to your superior, who may be the boss or the teacher. The abuser may receive some type of disciplinary action, but there is no guarantee that the bullying will stop.

Harassment is regulated by federal law. If you feel you have been harassed, even just once, you can report the incident to the police officer and file charges against the harasser. Many workplaces have a zero tolerance for harassment.

In Summary:

  • Bullying and harassment are actions that are done to make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Usually bullying takes place by someone you know in an environment where you are familiar while harassment can be anywhere, at any time

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