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Difference between Pakistan and India

Difference between Pakistan and India

Pakistan vs. India

What is difference between Pakistan and India? When Great Britain ruled the Indian subcontinent, there was no India or Pakistan. There was only one territory that stretched from Afghanistan to Burma and which the British called “Hindustan”, British India or simply Raj. However, when independence came in 1947 it was accompanied by division. This segmentation divided Hindustan into two countries India and Pakistan. Currently the differences between India and Pakistan still have the power to divide South Asia.

Difference between Pakistan and India

The idea of ​​India and Pakistan

India was conceived as a secular democracy by the leaders of the national congress Mohanda Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. It was meant to guarantee to all people in South Asia, political and religious freedom.

Pakistan was the son of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and other leaders of the Muslim congress. As the independence talks between the British took place in years of war, they convinced Jinnah and the other Muslims that they would be second-class citizens in a predominantly Hindu India and therefore would need their own state to be truly free.

Geography of India and Pakistan

India occupies the majority of the subcontinent with a territory from Conchin in the Indian Ocean to Srinagar in the Himalayas. To the west it borders with Pakistan in the desert of Rajasthan and to the east with Bangladesh where it borders with Burma. The total mileage of India is 1,269,221.

Pakistan used to have territory in both parts of India (west and east). He lost his territory from the east side in 1971, which was later called Bangladesh. Pakistan is a part of arid land between India and Afghanistan with about 340,404 square miles of territory.

Population of India and Pakistan

The current population of India is approximately 1.2 billion people, of which 10% or 120 million people are Muslims. India hosts the third largest population of Muslims in the world.

Pakistan has a population of 222 million, of which almost 100% of the population is Muslim. This means that although India is a secular nation and Pakistan is Muslim, both nations have the same Muslim population.

Power of India and Pakistan

India officially became nuclear in 1998, 20 years after its first peaceful nuclear explosion. However, India’s army, navy and air force were quickly forced to meet the international standards of a modern militia. India continues to buy equipment from countries around the world.

Pakistan is also a nuclear country, responded to the attack of India within the month. However, most of Pakistan’s military equipment is second-hand from the United States and does not come close to the power of India.

In Summary:

  1. India and Pakistan have traditionally been part of the same administrative unit from Mughal times to the Raj.
  2. India is a secular nation while Pakistan is a Muslim state.
  3. India is several times bigger than Pakistan, in territory, population and military strength.
  4. Both countries have almost the same amount of Muslim population.

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