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Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum | Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum | Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

What is Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum? A few years ago, with the rise of all virtual businesses (especially purchases) and the development of new technologies that allowed a further expansion of the market, virtual currencies emerged; which have become more valuable over time. There are different virtual currencies today, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are undoubtedly among the most recognized and valued; which is why it is important for potential new investors to be aware of their similarities and also their differences.

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you have doubts about what is the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin or just looking for a bit more information that complements what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know around to this interesting topic .

Bitcoin (BTC)
Many people may confuse the origins of Blockchain with Bitcoin, if you are one from them, here you may have complete Understanding Blockchain Technology. Bitcoin is the first virtual currency. It originated about seven years ago when a mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto decided to create it.

It soon became popular because it promised transaction taxes much lower than those offered by traditional online payment mechanisms and operated by a decentralized authority, unlike the government currency. Bitcoins do not exist in the “real world”, that is, physically; they consist of balance sheets associated with public and private accounts.

In recent years, acceptance of the concept of virtual currency has been increasing among regulatory bodies and government bodies. Although still in many places it is not formally recognized as a form of payment, Bitcoin has managed to create a niche to maintain itself and coexist in the financial system.

Ethereum (ETH)
On the other hand, the Ethereum has been getting a lot of attention since it was announced at the Bitcoin Conference of North America in early 2014.

This coin was developed by Vitalik Buterin and the natural consequence of the increase of its popularity has been the constant comparisons with Bitcoin. However, Ethereum is the largest and best established decentralized software platform that manages to operate at any time, without fraud and without the control and interference of third parties.

Ethereum is not just a platform, it is also a programming language, which helps developers create and publish distribution applications in an easier way. Finally, within the platform, Ethereum have been sent the cryptographic card, Ether; which is used for two main purposes: as a digital currency that is exchanged for other cryptones, and to run applications within Ethereum and even monetize jobs.

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