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Difference between Bangladesh and India

Difference between Bangladesh and India

When it comes to South Asia, the first countries that come to mind are India and Bangladesh. So how do these two neighboring states differ from one another? While they are similar in many ways, there are also certain key differences between Bangladesh and India that set them apart. From their customs and culture, geography, and political landscape – this blog post will explore the essential elements of both nations so you can gain a better understanding of how these two major South Asian players may or may not be alike.

What is Bangladesh?

  • Bangladesh is a South Asian nation, located between India and Myanmar. Bangladesh is home to over 163 million people and has a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and diverse wildlife. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with many major rivers running through it.
  • Bangladesh is also known for its stunning forests which include some of the oldest and largest mangrove tree forests on Earth. Bangladesh’s economy is largely reliant on agriculture, and its primary exports are products including cotton yarns, jute goods, fish, fruits, vegetables, and tea.
  • Bangladesh has made remarkable progress with women’s rights in recent years, including abolishing child marriage within two generations. Bangladesh’s rich cultural heritage can be seen in the vibrant street life of the capital city Dhaka as well as its weavers at Chittagong Hill Tracts – both places recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Bangladesh is truly an amazing place to visit and explore!

What is India?

India is a vibrant, culturally-rich country located in South Asia. It is home to over a billion people of many different backgrounds, languages, and religious beliefs. India’s rich and diverse history gives it a unique style that cannot easily be replicated anywhere else in the world. India has been called one of the most unusual nations due to its juxtaposition between modernity and tradition.

India stands out because it offers both traditional experiences like yoga and meditation along with more contemporary offerings like India’s booming music industry and its modern technology center in Bangalore. India truly lives up to its name as an incredible country full of variety, offering visitors endless opportunities for discovery.

Difference between Bangladesh and India

Bangladesh and India are two neighboring countries with a complex relationship spanning centuries.

  • Bangladesh has a population of over 167 million, nearly double that of India, which numbers around 132 million. Bangladeshis mainly practice Islam whereas Hindus constitute about 80 percent of the population in India.
  • Bangladesh is slightly more densely populated than India, and Bangladesh has many rivers that flow into it including the famous Ganges river, however, Bangladesh’s waterways have experienced severe problems due to floods and pollution.
  • Bangladesh has an agrarian type economy with a major focus on jute exports, whereas the Indian economy is more diversified including manufacturing and services.
  • India has achieved great success in software technology and the country’s innovative achievements have enabled it to become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Although both countries have gone through difficult times economically, there are signs that Bangladesh could be making progress towards joining its larger neighbor as an emerging economy in south Asia soon.


Bangladesh and India are two neighboring countries with many similarities as well as differences. Both countries have a long history, rich cultures, and traditions. Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country while India is a Hindu-majority country. The official languages of Bangladesh are Bangla and English while the official language of India is Hindi. There are other regional languages spoken in both countries. The cuisine of both countries also differs although there are some similarities.

Rice is the staple food in both Bangladesh and India. Bangladeshi Curries are generally lighter and simpler than Indian curries which tend to be more complex and heavier. Indians use more spices than Bangladeshis who prefer to use fresh herbs instead. In spite of these differences, both countries share commonalities such as Bollywood films, cricket, etc.

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