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Difference between Amish and Jewish

Difference between Amish and Jewish

There are many differences between the Amish and Jewish cultures. However, one of the most striking distinctions is how they view technology. The Amish largely shun modern technology, while Jews embrace it. This difference has led to different interpretations of biblical scriptures within the two groups. For example, the Amish interpret God’s mandate to “be fruitful and multiply” as meaning that they should not have more than two children, while the Jews interpret this passage as a command to produce offspring and contribute to humanity.

What is Amish?

Amish is an Anabaptist Christian denomination that predominantly inhabits rural communities in the United States and Canada. Amish people are known for their simple lifestyles, eschewing technology and non-essential items which are seen as a distraction from faith and community.

Amish customs are unique in that they abstain from certain practices of modern convenience, such as electricity and automobiles, but also maintain positive aspects of traditional Amish culture including close familial ties and respect for personal property. Amish lifestyle is based on the belief in leading a moral life through obedience to God’s orders and avoiding evil distractions, making it one of the most significant expressions of American identity.

What is Jewish?

Jewish is an ethnic and religious identity shared by individuals across the world. Jewish people have a rich history deeply rooted in ancient Israel, involving a variety of cultural practices and observances.

  • Jewish values are centered around the Torah, which lays out Jewish laws and customs related to holidays, festivals, and dietary restrictions. Jewish culture is hugely diverse, with different interpretations of Jewishness widely accepted around the world.
  • One thing all Jews share is their faith in one God as taught to them through their ancient prophets. Religion plays a large part in Jewish communities, bringing people together to practice Jewish traditions such as weekly Shabbat (Sabbath) meals, or regular synagogue visits for prayers.
  • Jewish people often celebrate their identity through food, music, art, and literature – finding joy in taking part in a community that has connected millions of Jews over the ages.

Difference between Amish and Jewish

Amish and Jewish cultures both have a rich history and customs, yet they vary significantly in many ways. Amish practice a conservative Anabaptism stemming from 16th century Europe, whereas Jews are an ancient monotheistic religion from the Middle East.

  • Amish lifestyle focuses on simple living, work centered around farming and other manual labor, plain dress, and avoidance of modern technology. The Jewish religion follows laws found within their Torah, which is believed to consist of teachings written by prophets centuries ago.
  • They also celebrate different holidays throughout the year with feasts and rituals specific to the culture. Both Amish and Jewish traditions foster considerable respect for the members of their community – Amish through unwavering faith in God and humility in all endeavors, whereas observant Jews through Torah study and regular prayers.
  • Though there may be differences between Amish and Jewish cultures, each group cherishes similar core values including helping fellow members of society regardless of background or creed.


We’ve looked at the difference between Amish and Jewish culture. What have we learned? The Amish are more likely to use technology when it benefits their community, while the Jewish approach is to use technology sparingly and only when necessary. There are different reasons for this cultural difference – the Amish emphasize tradition and community, while the Jews focus on knowledge and preserving history.

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