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Difference between being Alone and Feeling Alone | Being Alone vs. Feeling Alone

Difference between being Alone and Feeling Alone | Being Alone vs. Feeling Alone

Being Alone vs. Feeling Alone

Difference between being alone and Feeling Alone: – Being alone and feeling alone are two very different states that people often confused by believing them exactly alike. Each one perceives the solitude in a different way; therefore it is sometimes difficult to explain to some people the reason why these two states differ from each other; since the differentiation of these two terms is subject to the interpretation of each one and to how he sits in the moment.

Difference between being Alone and Feeling Alone

Many experts claim that being alone can be associated with positive feelings, whereas feeling alone is always associated with the negative; however, as we know that this information is not enough for you, then we explain in more detail what is the difference between feeling alone and being alone.

Being alone

Being alone is usually associated with a positive mental state in which the person is content and satisfied with himself.

Many times people seek solitude when they want to calm down, meditate, reflect and regain their energies. When someone is alone, but does not feel that way, he does not see loneliness as a threat; but as an opportunity to evaluate the own feelings.

It is said that only when a person is alone can he come to understand their true feelings, desires and motivations; since no one directly influences their thoughts and decisions at that time.

Feeling alone

On the other hand, feeling alone has a negative connotation; since the feeling of loneliness comes from the hand with the discontent and often with the fact of having the “broken heart”.

Often people feel lonely after going through situations like a divorce, the death of a loved one, a love break, a betrayal, the departure of a friend … The feeling of loneliness is characterized by a sense of total helplessness.

Contrary to what some may believe human beings can feel alone even when surrounded by many people; since this feeling does not arise as a result of the lack of physical contact, but of intimacy.

Finally, everyone feels alone, but it is everyone’s duty to face the feelings and emotions that the feeling of loneliness brings with it, always remembering that the difference between being and feeling is only how you perceive your reality.

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