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Christmas Gifts Vs Easter Gifts

Christmas Gifts Vs Easter Gifts

The messages that come to us from Christmas are usually carried out by happy families who meet again after months without seeing each other, a group of friends, young and elegant, celebrating a party and providing an environment that is the closest thing to paradise on Earth and Children who return home for Christmas and surprise their mothers while they are preparing Christmas Eve dinner. But our Christmas is not usually so idyllic. We are overwhelmed thinking about what we can cook and when to go to buy it, we run out of ideas when thinking about gifts and, as if that weren’t enough, we said goodbye to the parties with a kilo of more as a travel companion and having spent more than what we had calculated.

In spite of this panorama that we present to you, we are convinced that it is a very special time. Here are some tips so you can save, both time and money. Because, in the end, we do not intend to turn our Christmas into a replica of an advertisement, but to enjoy these days in the company of the people we love and gain in quality of life, controlling expenses and, helped by good planning, and dedicate time to really important.

Save on Christmas? We show you that you can do it

– Every year we hear that some products become more expensive as the parties approach but many times we end up buying at the last minute. What are you waiting for? Make a list of planning the menus that you are going to prepare on these dates and try to buy only what you will need.

– Seafood, certain meats such as lamb or piglet, and fish among which are sea bream and grouper tend to be more expensive as the parties approach. This year, almonds, ham, and nougat are also expected to rise in price, so don’t let any more time pass. And if you finally plan to buy seafood, you have an ally at home that will help you save: your freezer will be happy to welcome prawns and prawns.

– You can also opt for less typical alternatives that are cheaper at this time, replacing, for example, the lamb or sirloin with the round of veal, or choose an alternative to sea bass, sea bream, or eels, which are fish they usually rise more in price. In addition, we can always find a way to prepare a healthy, healthy, and low-calorie menu, even if it seems an impossible task.

– In addition to planning the necessary purchase, we can cook certain dishes in advance and freeze them, since they will not lose in flavor and, instead, we will win in time when we need it most. If you plan to prepare cannelloni, croquettes or dumplings as starters, meat in a sauce such as orange duck, or soup broth or escudella, get down to work a few days before.

Not only does bread (and food) live man

– Heating, Christmas lights, and using the oven more frequently can also cause a considerable rise in the electricity bill, but there are ways to save on electricity. Who said that a Christmas tree can only be decorated with lights? Bet on other types of ornaments and do not abuse Christmas lighting or use energy-saving lights. Another trick is to defrost food in the refrigerator: put it in the less cold part of the fridge and turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees. Thus, the cold that the frozen food gives off will serve to bring cold to the rest of the food and will contribute to saving on electricity. And if you are going to have many guests at home and you have a dishwasher, use it, you will save more than washing all the dishes by hand, with the waste of water involved.

– Gifts come at Christmas to give us many joys and not a few headaches. Father Christmas, Three Wise Men, Caga Tió, invisible friends of work and friends … The domain of excel would not go wrong to organize such a task but we will settle for something simpler: make a list of the gifts you are going to buy and A maximum budget for each. Once you are clear about what and how much you are willing to spend, you can save time buying your gifts online, while you have a wider range of products to choose from and you can compare prices before buying. And if you’re not sure, opt for a gift card from a specific store or brand is the best Christmas gift.

– While some make plans to go on vacation at Christmas, others consider these holidays as an opportunity to work temporarily and get extra money. Experts recommend starting to search in early November and do so through temporary work companies, job portals and offers that are published on social networks. If this is your case, companies that include Amazon, Media Markt, Carrefour, Fnac, Toys “R” Us, and Seur have already announced their Christmas reinforcement, and El Corte Inglés has been the last to confirm the hiring of some 7,000 people. When you search online, remember to do it with the keyword “Christmas campaign” And who knows, maybe this job is the beginning of a permanent job.

And for the January slope to be less steep…

– Start uploading it now. And we refer to the return to the gym, one of the most popular purposes on January 2, along with quitting smoking and studying a language. Why don’t you intend to take special care of yourself one month before the arrival of the holidays? It would be advisable to have an attitude that you had all year, but if this is not your case, you can intensify during this month the visits to the gym, the pool, or your running sessions, and control your diet a bit, avoiding foods that give you nothing but scares on the scale. In this way, you will arrive at Christmas with a certain margin, finding yourself in shape, and with a predisposition to continue taking care of yourself, granting you a whim. It is about compensating without obsessing and facing the month of January with a smile and with the sensation of having lived a family holiday with friends, even if they are not advertised.

-For the nostalgic, we propose you to return to a tradition: what if this year, finally, you send Christmas postcards? Yes, in your handwriting, we mean those postcards that the last century made us so excited to receive. 99% congratulate the parties through WhatsApp and messages on the internet, but if you want to surprise the people you love, do it without warning and spend a few minutes thinking about something special for them. In this case, we are not talking about saving time, but about investing time in a custom that made us feel special and loved.

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