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Relationship Vs Dating Vs Friendship? Comparison

Relationship Vs Dating Vs Friendship? Comparison

Dating vs Relationships

If someone is in a relationship, they fairly introduce their significant halves as girlfriend or boyfriend. while those who are not, clearly marks that prior as they’re simply dating.

There is a significant borderline difference between being in a relationship and just dating. Even though they technically in similar directions but actually subtle far apart.

In this Article, we have outlined 20 key differences to identify if someone is only dating or is in serious relationship.

What is the difference between a relationship and dating?

Dating is when you are are always looking or making plans to go out. Everything Formal all times.

A Relationship is when you decide to stay in, spend quality time, watch TV till you pass out on each other’s shoulders.

Dating is when you go out to learn about each other, see if you’re compatible.

Relationship is when you decide to stay as a couple and already have emotional attachment for each other.

Dating is when you make sure you never fart when they’re around.

Relationship is when you ca say “Babe, my bum wants to say something to you.”

Relationship is when you fall in love and gets attached with the same person as the time goes by.

Dating comes with no stings attached. Relationship requires commitment, trust and loyalty.

Dating is casual, fun and playful exploration. Relationship is damn serious and full of responsibility.

Dating is based on physical needs and slang romance. Relationship is based on love and trust.

Dating gives you butterfly feelings in your stomach. Love makes you go fall on the knees.

Dating is a momentary phase, a chapter in your life. A relationship is a book of memories that takes years to be nurtured.

Dating is as simple as that. Relationships are complicated as spider web.

Dating is like sitting in a cafe discussing random things, Relationship is waiting at the bus stop to talk about life, have a jamming session about everything.

Dating is like a party dress worn on a specific occasion, Relationship is that dress we repeat anytime, and feels comfortable in.

Dating is like that crush of ours who we eye in between our work, Relationship is that person we miss even though we are stuck at work, or before sleeping.

Dating is like weekends, a small portion of our life we waste waiting for, Relationship is the weekdays that makes up our life.

Dating is finding that perfectly settled successful person, Relationship is ending up in a person you feel connected to and thereby making him successful.

Dating is the pizza we eat you occasionally eat , Relationship is like homemade food you never get bored with.

Dating is like the person who leaves you hurt in bad times, Relationship is like the person who actually stands by and stays with you, no matter what.

Dating is like a Instant 2-minute noodles. Spicy, momentary satisfaction but never a main course thing!

Relationship is like a plate full of daily meal. Healthy, satisfying and, without gut issues.!

Dating is like a job interview process. Either you get selected or rejected, or you select or reject someone.

Relationships are like you finally get the job but either you are happy with your job or you get frustrated with your job.

Dating: You prioritize meeting over your work.

Relationship: You understand each other, and prioritize commitments instead of your candle light dinners.

Dating: You try to find faults in your perfect dresses.

Relationship No make up, night suit? I’ll cuddle with you anyway.

Dating You try to impersonate a perfect form of yourself.

Relationship You are perfect together and embrace each others imperfections.

Dating You are so much into looks and personality.

Relationship You are so much beyond looks and personality.

A date or courtship lasts for a time. A relationship lasts for a lifetime.

Dating is the girls I have forgotten, Relationship is the person for whom I am writing this right now. 🙂

Dating Vs Friendship

How do you know if it’s love or just friendship?

  • While going out, thinking only about making her/him happy then you’re in love; while having fun yourself then it’s friendship.
  • When she hurt you and doesn’t even apologize but still in your heart you forgive her for everything she did.
  • When you know each other’s flaws but only focus on the positive sides and willingly accept the negatives.
  • When you’re going through something and you just talk to her/him for a while, and all the problems momentarily vanish, it’s love and friendship.

What is the difference between romantic love and friendship?

In friendships, people are infatuated towards each other, because of their fundamental things in common.

In friendships they may not be sexually, or erotically attracted to each other but its just an understanding.

A friendship can be is casual. You two can just hang out and have fun together without any strings attached.

In Friendship there is no romantic feelings or attraction to each other and thus no chance of being in a relationship.

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