Differences between Muay Thai and Thai boxing

Difference between Muay Thai and Thai Boxing: – Boxing has become a very common sport now days. On regular basis we can see the boxing tournaments in all over the entire world and people who are fond of boxing and can easily enjoyment by watching matches. Muay Thai and Thai boxing are two common terms of boxing and a lot of people seem confused to differentiate both of them. What is difference between Muay Thai and Thai boxing? To know and understand the difference between both of them, we need to know what is Muay Thai boxing and what is Thai boxing.

 Difference between Muay Thai and Thai Boxing

Many of us often come across the term “boxing” or enjoy it on different sports TV channels. Boxing is a special kind of sport and involves a particular style of wrestling. There are different types of boxing practiced in different parts of the world. Included in these types are normal boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing as well as many others. Apart from these, athletics is also considered to be a sport which involves some sort of wrestling in it as, they all are different in nature, and so they have their own particular characteristics and introduce different fighting styles.

Thai boxing

Thai Boxing is a type of sport between two players, in which the match takes place in a heated environment and compares the strength, stamina, reflexes, willpower etc. In this particular type of wrestling, the attack type which usually allowed is punching your opponent, while wearing gloves specially made for boxing purposes.

The punches need to be delivered with great power and technique for maximum effectiveness. One might see some kicks or tackles periodically made, once in a while. As the two players fight, the match is decided by a referee who makes certain that there is absolutely no cheating and no one is using undesirable means or procedures.

The match is split into intervals, which are also called rounds and they’re usually of just one to three minutes in length. The match is concluded when one of the players is regarded as incapable of carrying on by the referee, breaks a rule and gets disqualified. A player can also resign by tossing in a towel or be pronounced the victor or loser on the basis of ratings by the judges that are shown at the end of the competition.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is also a battle sport and is, somewhat, similar to that of track boxing with certain changes. It really is popular in Thailand more than somewhere else and has been occurring for a number of years, there. Muay Thai allows stand-up striking as well as clinching techniques. This sport requires great physical and mental willpower and is also known as the art of eight limbs. It is because it requires the opponents to fight with () their fists, legs, shins, and elbows.

Major Differences between Muay Thai and Thai Boxing

  • In Thai boxing, the players are usually allowed to punch their opponents. They may also make use of certain tricks and techniques to deliver punches with maximum possible effectiveness. Moreover, they can also use kicks and tackles.
  • On the other hand, Muay Thai requires the opponents to use their fists, legs, shins, and elbows. That’s why it is known by the name of fine art of eight limbs.
  • Muay Thai is often employed as a general term for any martial arts employed in Thailand; whether it is kickboxing, Kungfu etc.; but Thai boxing is a far more specific term and identifies the boxing that is performed globally.
  • The Use of elbows and legs is prohibited in Thai boxing but allowed in Muay Thai.

Above are the major differences of Muay Thai and Thai boxing and I’m sure now you will be able to explain difference between Muay Thai and Thai boxing in front of anyone. The best way to differentiate between both of them is to by explaining what Muay Thai and what is Thai boxing and here we did the same. Keep visiting the website to know more about the various similar things and objects.