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Differences between Liquor and Spirits

Differences between Liquor and Spirits

When most people hear the words “liquor” and “spirits”, they automatically think of different types of alcohol. However, there is a big difference between the two. Liquor is made from fermented grains or fruits, while spirits are distilled products. This means that liquor typically has a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) than spirits. In addition, liquor usually has a sweet or fruity taste, while spirits are often considered more bitter. Although there are many different types of liquor and spirits, they both have their own unique characteristics and appeal to different consumers.

What is Liquor?

  • Liquor is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled from fermented grain, fruit, or vegetables. The term “liquor” is used to refer to both the finished product and the liquid that is used to make it.
  • Liquor is typically bottled and sold at a high proof, meaning that it contains a higher percentage of alcohol than other types of alcoholic beverages. Liquor is also typically consumed in small amounts, such as shots or mixed drinks.
  • Liquor can be enjoyed on its own or as a component of a mixed drink. It can also be used in cooking to add flavor or to deglaze a pan. In addition to its culinary uses, liquor can also be used as a cleaning agent or for making homemade cleaning solutions. Liquor is a versatile product that has many uses beyond being simply an alcoholic beverage.

What is Spirit?

Spirit drinks are alcoholic beverages that contain ethanol. Ethanol is usually produced by fermentation, but it can also be produced by distillation. Spirit drinks are typically higher in alcohol content than other alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine. Spirit drinks are often flavored with fruit, spices, or other ingredients. Popular spirit drinks include vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. Spirit drinks are served in many different ways, including neat, on the rocks, or mixed with other beverages. Spirit drinks can be enjoyed responsibly as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Differences between Liquor and Spirits

Liquor and spirits are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but there are actually some significant differences between the two. Liquor is a catch-all term that refers to any alcoholic beverage that is distilled. This includes things like vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. Spirits, on the other hand, are only one type of liquor. Spirits are made by distilling fermented grain, fruits, or vegetables. This means that vodka, gin, and rum are all types of spirits, but tequila would not be considered a spirit because it is made from fermented agave instead of grain. So, while all spirits are liquors, not all liquors are spirits.


The next time you are in the liquor store, be sure to ask for a bottle of spirits. You will appreciate the difference in taste and quality.

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