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Differences between Kurds and Persians

Differences between Kurds and Persians

There are many differences between Kurds and Persians, the two largest ethnic groups in Iran. The Kurds are a Sunni Muslim people who number around 25 million, while the Persians are a Shiite Muslim people numbering around 60 million. The Kurds have their own language and culture, while the Persians dominate Iranian society and government. The two groups have often been at odds with each other, although there has been some recent cooperation between them.

Who are Kurds?

  • Kurds are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of Western Asia known as Kurdistan. Kurds make up the majority of the population in this region, which is located within the borders of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
  • Kurds have their own unique culture and language, which is distantly related to Persian and Turkish. Kurds have a long history of resistance to oppression, and they have been involved in several rebellions and uprisings over the years.
  • In recent years, Kurds have gained prominence due to their role in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group. Kurds have also been active in promoting democracy and human rights in the Middle East. As a result, they are considered by many to be a voice of reason and moderation in a turbulent region.

Who are Persians?

Persians are an ethnic group that has historically been associated with the country of Iran. However, Persians can also be found in other parts of the world, including Central Asia, the Middle East, and South Asia. Persians are known for their rich culture and heritage, which include art, literature, music, and cuisine.

Persian cuisine is particularly renowned for its use of spices and aromatic herbs, as well as its focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Persians are also known for their hospitable nature and for their ability to adapt to new cultures and environments. As a result, Persians have made significant contributions to the arts, sciences, and politics in many different parts of the world.

Differences between Kurds and Persians

  • Kurds and Persians are two ethnic groups that have a long history of conflict. Kurds are predominately Muslim people who traditionally inhabit the mountainous regions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
  • Kurds have their own language and culture, and they have often sought independence from the governments of the countries in which they live. Persians, on the other hand, are predominantly Shia Muslim people who traditionally live in Iran.
  • Persian culture is heavily influenced by the country’s history as an empire, and Persians have often been seen as cultural superiors by Kurds. The Kurds and Persians have fought many wars over the centuries, and the conflict continues to this day.


The Kurds and Persians are two of the most well-known groups in Iran. Though they share a common language and some cultural similarities, there are also many distinct differences between these two groups. In order to better understand the complex social dynamics at play in Iran, it is important to be aware of these distinctions.

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