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Differences between HSUS and Humane Society

Differences between HSUS and Humane Society

There are many misconceptions about the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Humane Society International (HSI). Some people think they are the same organization, while others think that HSUS is a fundraising arm of HSI. So what’s the difference between HSUS and HSI? And which one should you support? Here’s a breakdown of their differences.

What is HSUS?

HSUS is the Humane Society of the United States. It was founded in 1954 and is the largest animal protection organization in the world, with over 11 million members and supporters. HSUS’s mission is to “end animal cruelty, exploitation, and neglect.” HSUS works to achieve this goal through direct hands-on care for animals, public education, legislation and enforcement, and sourcing and promoting humane products. HSUS also provides financial assistance to local humane societies and animal shelters across the country. In addition, HSUS runs several national campaigns to raise awareness about animal cruelty issues, such as its annual Puppy Mill Awareness Week. Overall, HSUS strives to create a humane world for all animals.

What is Humane Society?

The Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that strives to protect animals from cruelty and exploitation. Founded in 1954, the Humane Society works to end animal homelessness, promote humane education, and provide rescue and adoption services. The Humane Society also works to prevent animal cruelty by investigating cases of abuse and advocating for stricter laws and penalties. In addition, the Humane Society provides resources for pet owners, including information on proper care and training. As a result of its efforts, the Humane Society has helped to make the world a safer place for animals.

Differences between HSUS and Humane Society

HSUS is the Humane Society of the United States. It’s a national organization with over 50 locations across the country. The HSUS focuses on issues like animal welfare, humane education, and spaying and neutering animals. The Humane Society, on the other hand, is a network of animal shelters that work to rescue and adopt out animals. Unlike HSUS, the Humane Society does not have a central focus or mission. Each individual shelter determines its own goals and objectives. However, all of the shelters in the Humane Society network share a common goal of helping animals in need.


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Humane Society International (HSI) are two separate organizations. HSUS focuses on animal welfare in the United States, while HSI works to improve animal welfare internationally. Though they share a name, these organizations have different agendas and methods of achieving their goals.

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