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Differences between Hip-Hop and Jazz Dance

Differences between Hip-Hop and Jazz Dance

Hip-Hop vs. Jazz

What is Differences between Hip-Hop and Jazz Dance? Due to their vast cultural heritage and their innate love of African-American music, they are responsible for the birth of two of the most popular genres in music: hip-hop and jazz. Although these two genres are very close to each other, because they share many similarities that even someone could refer to hip-hop as “the jazz of the young generation” these two genres have also have many differences.

Differences between Hip-Hop and Jazz Dance

One of the differences between hip-hop and jazz is his birthplace. Although both genres originated in the United States, jazz originated in New Orleans, making its first appearance during the nineteenth century. Originally, jazz music was used during funeral marches but eventually it was conducted in local bars and dance halls, so much so that by the time of World War I, it had become the favorite musical genre worldwide. On the other hand, hip hp originated in the schools of the Bronx, New York during the seventies and has focused on reflecting the emotions and feelings of the young African-Americans of that generation, with certain problems that surround them.

Another difference between hip-hop and jazz is the use of improvisation. Both genders use improvisation. But in the case of jazz, improvisation is considered the main part of a piece of music, so much so that even the singer often presents his own variation in each presentation he makes, adding versatility. This contrasts with hip hop that often uses improvisation mostly in freestyle, which is one of its subgenres. A hip hop artist concentrates more on poetry and rhyme.

These two genders have been not only embraced by Americans, but also by other cultures around the world. And although jazz first made its appearance in music, hip-hop has transcended from being just a musical genre to a complete cultural movement. In these times, hip-hop is associated with break dance, graffiti and even with a certain style of clothing and accessories.

Certain lexical words that are frequently heard among young generations have been attributed to the hip-hop culture. In fact, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, one of the pioneers of hip-hop, said that there are five pillars that constitute the culture of hip-hop: rapping, being a DJ, break dance, graffiti, writing and knowledge.

In Summary:

  • Hip-hop and jazz are genres of music that started and became popular among African-Americans.
  • Jazz music focuses on the use of improvisation. On the other hand, hip-hop focuses more on poetry and the use of rhyme in its lyrics.
  • Although jazz music appeared much earlier in history, in the nineteenth century, hip-hop has transcended more in popular music worldwide. It is currently considered a cultural movement that focuses on rapping, DJ, break dance, graffiti, language and knowledge.

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