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Differences between Bohemian and Hippie

Differences between Bohemian and Hippie

The Bohemian lifestyle is often confused with the Hippie lifestyle, but there are key differences between the two. Bohemians are free-spirited and artistic, while Hippies embrace peace and love. Bohemians typically dress in unique styles, while Hippies often wear natural fabrics and avoid mainstream fashion. Bohemians engage in intellectual conversations, while Hippies emphasize positive thinking and personal growth. Ultimately, the two lifestyles have different goals in mind, but both provide a means for people to express themselves freely.

Who is Bohemian?

Bohemianism is often associated with creativity and artistry, as well as with a focus on living a life outside of the mainstream. Bohemians are often seen as nonconformists who reject conventional values and norms. In many cases, Bohemianism is associated with a countercultural approach to life. Bohemians may be artists, writers, or musicians who live unconventional lifestyles. They may also be people who dress unconventionally or who have unconventional views on politics or religion. Bohemianism is often seen as a rejection of the materialism and conformity that are associated with mainstream society. Bohemians may value creativity, freedom, and self-expression above all else.

Who is Hippie?

  • Hippie is a person who advocates for or lives a participating lifestyle. They are usually against violence and war. As well, they have strong beliefs in love and Equality. HippiesValue freedom of speech, expression, and action.
  • They also stand for the recreational use of drugs, organic foods, and simple living. Furthermore, Hippies were originally young people who came from a middle-class white background. They protested against the Vietnam War and were active in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • In the late sixties, Hippies became more open to different cultures; Eastern religion, music, and fashion all became a part of Hippie culture. Nowadays, Hippies can be found all around the world fighting for what they believe in. They are advocates of free love, marijuana, and world peace, and they live a very naturalistic lifestyle. Hippies continue to influence modern-day pop culture in many ways.”

Differences between Bohemian and Hippie

Bohemianism is a lifestyle adapted from the Bohemian people who settled in central Europe during the early nineteenth century. It is based on the principle of rejecting societal norms and living an unconventional lifestyle.

  • Bohemians are often artists, musicians, or writers who live a nomadic existence, moving from place to place as they follow their muse. In contrast, Hippies are a subculture that emerged in the 1960s.
  • They rejected the materialism of mainstream society and advocated for peace, love, and free expression. Hippies were often associated with countercultural movements such as the sexual revolution, the psychedelic drug movement, and the environmental movement.
  • While there are some similarities between Bohemians and Hippies, they are two distinct lifestyles. Bohemianism predates Hippie culture by several centuries and is more closely associated with the arts while Hippie culture is more closely associated with political and social activism.


Although Bohemian and Hippie cultures are often used interchangeably, there are some key distinctions between the two. Generally speaking, Bohemians are more affluent and artistically inclined while Hippies skew more towards free-spiritedness and political activism.

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