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Differences between Appointment Letters and Offer Letters

Differences between Appointment Letters and Offer Letters

When you’re offered a job, there are two documents that the employer may send you: an appointment letter and an offer letter. They both serve different purposes, so it’s important to understand their differences. Here’s a breakdown of what each one entails.

What are Appointment Letters?

  • Appointment letters are documents that formally announce the offer of employment from one party to another. Appointment letters provide a formal overview of important information concerning the position, such as expected salary and duties.
  • They are typically sent after an individual has accepted an offer of employment, but before a contract is signed. Appointment letters also include assurances such as vacation pay and sick leave.
  • More than just a formality, appointment letters help to ensure that both parties are well-informed on the details surrounding their upcoming relationship. They serve as an essential tool in the hiring and onboarding processes.

What are Offer Letters?

  • Offer letters are documents that employers send to job applicants in order to make a formal job offer. Offer letters typically outline the employee’s job title, salary, benefits, start date, and other details regarding their job.
  • They usually also contain language related to the company’s expectations of the candidate such as reporting times, productivity levels, and any relevant bonuses or commissions.
  • Offer letters are an important step in the hiring process since they provide both parties with an understanding of the phase of employment and an official record of the offers between them. Offer letters can vary from position to position but should always address important terms of employment for either side.

Differences between Appointment Letters and Offer Letters

Appointment letters and Offer letters are very important documents in the job search process.

  • Appointment letters are sent to a shortlisted applicants to inform them they have been carefully selected to fill a certain position.
  • Appointment letters generally include details of the job, the exact location of the job, hours, and salary offered along with any other related information.
  • On other hand, offer letters are sent to the post-interviewed applicant who was selected for the position after further assessment.
  • This document outlines further information that the Appointment letter does not provide benefits like health insurance or vacation time as well as additional conditions which must be agreed upon prior to starting work.

Usually, after acceptance of the Offer Letter, Appointments Letters follow afterward. While Appointment and Offer Letters are both essential documents when it comes to getting a job, they have distinct purposes that should not be confused!


In order to make an informed decision on which type of letter to send, it is important to understand the differences between appointment letters and offer letters. Appointment letters are used when you want the other person to agree to a meeting or interview, while offer letters are sent when you want to make an offer of employment or sell a product or service. By understanding the purpose of each letter, you can craft one that will be most effective for your needs.

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