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Difference between Norms and Values

Difference between Norms and Values

Norms vs. Values

What is Difference between Norms and Values? Every culture has a series of elements that people use to create, sustain and change their way of life, including cognitive aspects, beliefs, values, norms, language, symbols and behavioral forms normative; but in this case we will focus on analyzing and differentiating (given its resemblance) to two of these elements: values ​​and norms. Below this post is actually all about the difference between norms and values.

Difference between Norms and Values

The Values

They are feelings rooted in individuals, who usually point out the patterns of action and behavior of the individuals. It can then be said that values ​​are judgments of desirability or acceptability, or rejection of what is good, bad, desirable or undesirable.

They transcend any particular situation and change as well as circumstances and facts; therefore do not apply in all situations. There are always exceptions; for example, preserving virginity in women was seen as a value to consummate marriage, since the last decades, this value has been changing. Values ​​are the ideals to which people aspire, both individually and in their relationships. There are different types of cultural values: moral, aesthetic, justice… An example of value is hospitality.

The Norms

Values ​​can’t manifest without rules of conduct that frame them. That is, the rules are specific guidelines for action, rules of collective behavior, generally accepted, that are obligatory degrees. Like values, standards can also vary widely from one society to another and also from one group to another, within the same society.

Norms, when they are explicit in laws and regulations, warrant that they are fulfilled and violated; a penalty is expected. Most of the time, people are more or less automatically following the rules. An example of a standard is to dress formal in most job interviews.

The Key difference between norms and values is norms are the rules governing behavior in particular contexts, while values ​​are the broad and internal standards on which we evaluate behaviors.

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