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Difference between Melanoma and Carcinoma | Melanoma vs Carcinoma

Difference between Melanoma and Carcinoma | Melanoma vs Carcinoma

Melanoma vs Carcinoma

To know and understand the difference between Melanoma and Carcinoma, it is utmost important to know that what is Melanoma and what is meant by Carcinoma? Before talking about the difference between melanoma and carcinoma, talk about melanoma and carcinoma first.

Difference between Melanoma and Carcinoma

For most of the people, it is quite a surprise to know that skin is a single body organ. Statistically, it consists of more than 19 million cells working together as the first line of the defense for our body in different ways. And like any other organ, this huge set of skin cells is also susceptible to mutations that can cause a huge group of skin cells to die or to create a tumor. In case, when these tumors grow too large in size or when there is a significant malignity, it is known as cancer.

If we talk about the types of tumors and cancers of skin cells, then they can easily be divided into two distinct types: melanoma and carcinoma. Both are malign tumors or malignancies and so much different from each other that the diagnosis might go beyond the capability of a normal laboratory.


The melanoma is a mutation that begins on the sites where melanocytes are present. Melanocytes are actually the cells that contain the melanin pigment, the substance that identifies different color tones for the skins. So, it becomes like a battlefield in which healthy cells are constantly at war against the damaged cells.


Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of the carcinomas with 70 to 80% prevalence of the cancerous cells. It mostly occurs in the outer layer of the skin as they are under higher likelihood of getting mutated because they are cover rest of the skin cells, e.g. the inner layer of skin cells.

Squamous cell carcinoma covers the rest of the 20% of carcinomas, and just as their name suggests, they are produced from the squamous cells, which are common in all types of organisms. This type of carcinoma is the rarest form but has the best chance of surviving.

Major Differences between Melanoma and Carcinoma


  • Carcinoma attack basal skin cells (bottom level ones) and squamous pores and top layer skin cells
  • A pale, light red lesion, might appear to on the area of effect and may have an opening in the center (just like an ulcer)
  • If removed, the body moves to full restoration
  • In case of more damaging tumors, radiations might be used


  • This type of tumor affects Melanocytes (color epidermis cells)
  • If diagnosed in early stages and treated properly, it can end. But if it manages to reach to level 4, the treatment would just be able to decrease it to 50%. Moreover, it also diminishes with age.
  • A bright red, crimson or blue lesion appears inflamed, bleeds easier and may increase its size quickly (nodular melanoma)

I’m sure after reading these major differences between both of them, now you should have a clear idea about both of them. Now make it sure to take care of your health and keep visiting the website to learn about such different types of diseases, which seems same.

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