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Difference between Kettle Corn and Popcorn

Difference between Kettle Corn and Popcorn

Kettle Corn vs Popcorn

Difference between Kettle Corn and Popcorn: – Now days a lot of people seems around us who talks about kettle corn and Popcorn, especially little kids seems fond of such kettle or popcorns. Here the question is what difference between kettle corn and popcorn is and how we may differentiate from one another.

Difference between Kettle Corn and Popcorn

Recently, there’s been a rise in the choice of kettle corn as it can be bought at fairs, carnivals, vendor shows, concert halls, snack pubs, and even in the supermarket. Surprisingly, the real difference between regular popcorn and kettle corn is yet not known to many people. Actually, kettle corn is one of the many kinds of popcorn but there are still a lot of difference between kettle corn and popcorn.


The greatest & most obvious difference between regular air-popped, or oil-popped popcorn, and kettle corn is most likely their flavor. While preparing popcorn in a traditional fashion, it is flavored with butter and sodium and is normally kept a little salty. However, there are other common tastes, such as mozzarella cheese, chili, and cinnamon. Because of the relatively neutral taste of popcorn, it adapts well to nearly every kind of taste.

Kettle corn, on the other side, will have a primarily sweet flavor, with only a small amount of sodium. The oil that it is popped in accumulates the sweet flavor along with the sodium to make a totally different flavor, which makes it more special than the salty one.


Apart from taste, the technique of preparing each kind of popcorn differs as well. They are both made by using a kind of corn that is specially bred to burst open up and puff up when subjected to heat, but in most cases, one can prepare in many ways while kettle corn has a fixed method. Popcorns come prepackaged, which would prepare itself in a microwave range, or it could be prepared on a tiny scale popcorn machine which allows for air popping as well. Moreover, air-popping the snacks has a lot of health-related advantages, too.

Other than air-popping, a more common method makes use of the olive oil. This is done with the addition of a tiny amount of essential oil to a skillet at home and heating up the kernels with it. It is done in the large-scale snacks makers that are usually found in concert halls. In the 19th century, these were extremely popular machines. These machines employ a heating system that heats up the corn kernels in olive oil. The oil popping method can, also, be used within some of the small home popcorn producers.

Kettle corn is usually made ready in a cast flat iron kettle. Once the corn kernels, olive oil, sugar, and sodium are put in the kettle and warmed, the kernels pop and create a noticeable lovely crust. Another thing that must be kept in mind while creating kettle corn is that the mixture must be constantly stirred so that the sugars can be shed easily. This makes the preparation of kettle corn a lot more labor intensive than regular snacks. But one can easily find different types of microwaveable or bagged kettle corn in the market.

Nutritional value

As far as nutritional value is concerned, it can be quite difficult to settle on a particular type of corn as it greatly depends on the amount of heat with which they were made ready as well as toppings and seasonings which are added during its preparation. As the result, the vitamins and minerals content of popcorn may differ. For example, when air popped with simply a light dusting of sodium added, popcorn is definitely an incredibly healthy treat, since you are eating whole grains with a lot of fibers and antioxidants. It really is relatively lower in calories and sugars.

As for kettle corn, one will notice a higher sweet content than that with regular corn. This does not mean that it contains a lot of unwanted fat, just as cinema snacks, but it surely does depend on how the body processes sweets and metabolically processes it. Moreover, the number of calories in Kettle corn is, roughly, the exact like with cinema popcorn.

After reading the above major differences in between kettle corn and popcorn, now it should be clear in your mind what is kettle corn and what is meant by the popcorn and how we could differentiate them both from one another.  Keep visiting the website to learn more about such objects that confuses us.

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