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Difference between Fat and Cholesterol | Fat vs. Cholesterol

Difference between Fat and Cholesterol

Fat vs. Cholesterol

Difference between Fat and Cholesterol: – Earlier we clarified the difference between fats and oils, but today we bring the difference between fat and cholesterol; since people often confuse one thing with another and believe they are the same, however, as you will see below between cholesterol and fat there are some differences.

Difference between Fat and Cholesterol

The body requires fats because they are a source of energy and because they are vital for the generation of some hormones. Fats play important chemical functions as well as metabolic functions.

Neither fats nor cholesterol are harmful by themselves, the problem comes when they are found in excess in the body. Only 30% of the total calories that one consumes daily must come from fats.

Fat is also essential for the body to correctly assimilate some vitamins such as antixerophthalmic (vitamin A), vitamin E, vitamin D; among other.

Cholesterol is basically a type of fat. Many people are frightened when they mention it, however, it is an important component and required by body cells; as it helps in the production of substances like testosterone, vitamin D, estrogens, progesterone.

As we mentioned above, cholesterol in itself is not bad; but it is important to know how much should be consumed daily, in order to avoid excess; since the excess of this one is harmful.

In a healthy diet plan, cholesterol should not exceed 300 mg and we refer to 300 mg as the maximum that can be consumed; since the ideal is to be between 150 and 200 mg. Due to this detail, special care must be taken to include large quantities of food such as butter, eggs and eggs in our diet; since these are characterized by providing a lot of cholesterol.

This lipid is produced in the liver and ironically can also contribute to digest fats. Cholesterol, on the other hand, is not digested; but remains in the bloodstream. It is produced by the organism itself; hence it is necessary to control the intake of foods that contain it; such as meats and dairy products.

The Key Differences between Fat and Cholesterol is fats represent a source of energy that is stored for use when the body is deprived of food, while cholesterol is a waxy substance, a lipid that is produced in the liver and is necessary for the production of certain substances required by the organism.

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