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Difference between Fascism and Democracy

Difference between Fascism and Democracy

Fascism vs. Democracy

What is Difference between Fascism and Democracy? Each form of government is based on an ideology or belief that constitutes its theoretical basis, some are still accepted by people and others (either because in practice they did not work as intended or because they turned out to be true misfortunes) cause rejection of the majority.

This time we will focus on two forms of government that are totally opposed: democracy and fascism. But to understand why they are contrary, we must first know the difference between fascism and democracy.

Difference between Fascism and Democracy


In a fascist government, some kind of people is considered better than the other classes.

Fascism is defined as the opposite of democracy and liberalism. If there is a dictatorship in a government, then it is called fascist. In this type of system, people are oppressed and cannot comment on government decisions.

It is the ruler who directs all aspects of a country through a racist and arrogant dictatorship. Fascist governments are characterized by being controllers and calculators. There is no respect for the freedom of the people and the rights are very limited.

Moreover, in fascism the state is considered supreme and absolute; the people must embrace all the decisions made by the ruler, since outside the state there are no human values. For this reason, the fascists believe in extreme nationalism. All this also includes militarism, corporatism and social interventions. There is a document called “The Doctrine of Fascism”, attributed to Benito Mussolini; in which the fascist ideology is exposed.


Democracy is said to be a more “pure” form of government. Generally it is said that its origin goes back to the ancient Greece, but at the moment the democracy as we know it differs much of the Athenian one at that time. In a democratic government, the rulers are elected through the votes of the people. It is the decision of the majority that is fulfilled. Democracy is a form of government that takes into account the needs of people. All citizens are considered socially equal.

People have freedom of expression; freedom to live and obtain the rights provided by the government and is protected by the State’s justice system. Democracies show a freer society, since they are forms of government that work for people.

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