Difference between Doctor and Nurse | Doctor vs. Nurse

Doctor vs. Nurse

Difference between Doctor And Nurse: – Doctors and nurses make up an important part of our society. Even though both of them are related to the medical field, there is an enormous difference between doctor and nurse. As one can witness himself that all of the important procedures like operations and surgeries are done by doctors, whereas the nurses facilitate him and that’s quite a basic observable difference.

Now, one might think how do they come to this profession, and especially in terms of qualification, what differentiates a doctor from a nurse? Another thing that might come to the minds of the observer is that can a nurse turn into a doctor or can a doctor really play the role of a nurse?

  • Doctor

It is a fact that doctors spend more years in university than engineering students. It is because to become a doctor, the degree of the doctorate is needed. Following the master’s degree, the doctor needs to put, what he learned and discovered, into practice, which of course will depend on what aspect he has specialized on.  Thanks to the long-term learning and experience of doctors, they understand which medicine works and which one doesn’t, so they can properly suggest medicines. Moreover, he understands the symptoms that might be arising due to one disease or another and has higher chances of successful diagnoses as compared to nurses.

In fact, it is the doctor who determines the type of treatment and medicine that an individual must take and also monitors the improvements in the condition of his patients. Therefore, a doctor makes up a greater part of a medical team because of his skills that he gained from experience and learning, and so has a lot more responsibilities than a nurse.

  • Nurse

A nurse is the one who is supposed to assists the physician. A nurse is usually a 4-years graduate and must work his / her way up to pass the nurse’s test. And just like a doctor, a nurse also needs to gain more experience and for the purpose, he/she needs to be appointed to assist a good physician in an esteemed medical center or company. A nurse can also check an individual in the standard ways, like BP or X-ray and so on. However, a nurse cannot detect an illness or disorder as easily as a doctor can do. It is because, as mentioned, nurse practitioners don’t have that kind of experience and learning that doctors carry.

A nurse specialist can also suggest a medication depending upon the type of the disease diagnosed. Moreover, it can also vary from patient to patient, as various factors play their role, i.e. age of the patient, his medical condition, etc. Nurse experts, when they are listed and also have a certificate, can recommend stronger medicines and extreme level pain relievers like narcotic pain relievers.

Difference between Doctor and Nurse

As a doctor is the main part of a medical team, he needs to enhance his skills and experience. And compared to nurses, who hold at least a bachelor level degree, doctors need to complete the degree of the doctorate. A doctor needs to be a lot more responsible compared to the rest of his team. A doctor is meant to diagnose the disease and suggest the most suitable treatment. On the other hand, a nurse is supposed to help the doctor in various tasks like to check the blood pressure of patients, or to conduct an X-ray test, etc.