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Difference Between Concordance and Compliance

Difference Between Concordance and Compliance

Concordance vs Compliance

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Difference between Concordance and Complying

Concordance and compliance are two important concepts related to the field of medicine.

Although these medical terms have somewhat similar meanings,

They should not be confused with each other, since there does exist a difference between them.

Compliance refers to the degree to which the patient effectively follows medical advice.

Concordance refers to a process by which an individual and a health care professional make decisions, together, about the method of treatment.


Just as defined above, compliance can refer to a person’s adherence to the course of treatment recommended by a health professional.

This kind of adherence includes taking the correct dosage of approved medications at the fixed time, following a recommended diet plan, or refraining from things that doctors advised not to eat or drink, i.e. alcohol, etc.

Yet, there are some patients who intentionally or unintentionally do not follow the medical advice given by a health professional.

This is also known as non-conformity.

For Eg, the patient will neglect to take medicine at correct times (it usually happens unintentionally), or he will continue drinking alcohol despite the doctor’s precaution (intentionally).

Poor knowledge about health and medicine, poor communication, or deficiency of trust in the health professional, the expense of medicine, the complexity of the situations are some triggers for non-compliance.

Non-compliance can cause worsening of the disease.


In medicine, concordance refers to a process in which a patient and a medical professional make decisions together about treatment.

The term Concordance has been introduced to medicine to connote a stronger relationship between the patient and health care provider.

Unlike complying or adherence (which details providing, acquiring, and following instructions),

Concordance identifies a positive strategy between the two parties on the course of treatment.


  • Definition:

Concordance refers to a process by which the patient and a health care professional make decisions together about treatment. 

Conformity refers to a situation in which a patient effectively follows medical advice.

  • The relationship between Patient and Health Care Provider:

Concordance promotes a better trust relationship involving the patient and the health care provider.

Conformity describes a relationship where the patient has less power; he merely follows the orders and instructions.

  • Health Literacy:

Concordance allows the patient to have more knowledge about his health and the course of treatment.

Compliance may be influenced by a person’s understanding of his health and medicine.

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Now after reading this post, it should be clear in your mind what is Concordance and what is Compliance, and what are the main differences between Concordance and Compliance?

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