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Difference Between Caretaker and Caregiver | Caretaker vs Caregiver

Difference between Caretaker and Care-giver

Caretaker vs Caregiver

Difference between caretaker and caregiver: – Nowadays this is one fact that we felt the need for care in our lives does not matter either you are a child, young person or even an old aged person.

You need care. So here the question is what is the difference between caretaker and caregiver?

Difference between Caretaker and Care-giver

Even though, it is quite straightforward to assume that childcare professionals and caregivers are two different conditions since taking and giving are two words with opposite meanings.

In fact, caregivers and caretakers actually have very more similarities than differences.

The key difference between caretaker and caregiver is that caregiver is someone who looks after a person who needs care and support;

whereas a caretaker professional has the responsibility to take care of a specific thing, place, or person.

There are plenty of other slight distinctions in the consumption of these two words.


Just as its name suggests, a caretaker professional is someone who takes care of something,

place, or person, in simpler words, it means the one who is put in charge of anything.

This term is usually used for a person taking care of a place or an individual, particularly, children, disabled or elderly people, etc.

The following sentences will help you to understand its use in different contexts.

  • She served as a caretaker for Andersons’ little daughter.
  • They hired a caretaker to maintain the place and went to another country.
  • Old Peter served as the caretaker of the mansion, for forty years.


A caregiver is a relatively modern term than a childcare professional, mainly used in American English.

The term “Carer” is also used as an equivalent of a Caregiver in the United Kingdom.

A caregiver is a person who provides care for

Caregivers are as a reference to a paid staff like a physician, nurse, or social worker,

who helps in the identification, avoidance, or remedying of a condition or disability.

It may also refer to a guardian who will take care of a child or dependent adult.

For example, if the woman stays with her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and looks after her, then she can be known as a caregiver. 

A caregiver may support a person physically and emotionally.

Caregiver responsibilities and duties

  1. Care planning and Home management
  2. Health Advocacy or Health Activism.
  3. Organising Prescription medicine.
  4. Personal hygiene and care Maintainence.
  5. Assistance in diet, meals and nutrition.
  6. Basic Housekeeping.
  7. Aid in mobility and Transportation.

What are 5 types of caregivers?

The basic type of caregiver is the family caregiver: someone who takes care of a family member’s in spite of pay.

The other 5 types of caregivers include

  • Independent,
  • professional,
  • private,
  • Informal,
  • volunteer caregivers.

The following example sentences will give you an idea about the use of this word in the content.

  • When Margaret got sick and tired, her daughter Helene became her primary caregiver.
  • Moms and Grandaparents are traditionally nurturers and caregivers.
  • My spouse and I acted as a care-giver for my disabled buddy for 15 years.

For Further Reading

key Differences in Caretaker vs Caregiver

  • Basic Meaning:

A caretaker is someone who is employed to manage a thing, place, or person.

A caregiver is someone to take care of a person, who needs health care and support.

  • Employees compared to Family:

A caretaker often relates to somebody who is paid or employed to manage something.

A caregiver can either refer to a paid employee or a family member.

  • Usage in British English

Caretaker mainly refers to a person who manages a place.

The term caregiver is little used; Carer is the United Kingdom equivalent of caregiver.

  • Usage in North American English:

Caretaker identifies someone who is employed to look after or take charge of goods, property, or a person;

Caregiver identifies a family person or a professional who provides support and looks after a child or a dependent adult.


The term caretaker is used to describe a person hired to take care of a public building or property.

Now I’m sure about it after reading this blog post, you have a clear idea about the difference between the caregiver and caretaker.

Also, you do not need to ask this question or query furthermore from others.

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