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Difference Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Difference Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday

It has already become a tradition on the last Friday of each November. This year, Black Friday will be on November 29, just after Thanksgiving, when Christmas offers to begin. So you don’t miss out on a day that has already become a key to saving and buying Christmas gifts, here are all the keys, websites, tips and how to find the best deals on such a designated day.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes its name from the day on which the Christmas shopping season opens with significant sales at many retail stores and department stores.

The name of Black Friday – Black Friday – they started using it in the American city of Philadelphia. It was the police who, due to the numerous traffic and traffic of people that occurred the day after Thanksgiving, began to use this term in the 1960s. Little by little, it was spreading and popularizing the rest of the American states. It also indicates that its origin dates back to the fact that by concentrating so many sales in one day, the balance sheets of companies went from being in red numbers to becoming “black”, that is, to the benefits. Visit here for black Friday deals https://www.mydeal.com.au/blackfriday.

When is Black Friday in 2019?

It is one day after Thanksgiving in the United States, that is, it is celebrated the day after the fourth Thursday of November. The day of Black Friday 2019, coincides with Friday, November 29 but the stores will begin several days before offering offers and will be extended until Cyber ​​Monday, Monday, December 2, just after that weekend.

What should be taken into account when viewing Black Friday offers?

When it comes to taking advantage of Black Friday offers that, almost always, are limited, press us over time or are simply too attractive, we must take certain precautions before we have a bad experience, especially if we buy online.

Things we have to be clear about are:

The products on offer have the same guarantee as purchased any other day.

Be careful if you buy on a Spanish website or outside of Australia, then you can have problems with customs or with the guarantee.

Make sure the cost of shipping costs before buying.

Tips and tricks to take advantage of Black Friday (and not die trying)

First and foremost, you have to inform yourself. On Black Friday, the worst thing we can do is go “to see what falls” because then we will have no idea if the offer we are seeing is good or bad. That is why the first advice we give you is to make a list of the products that we are interested in buying on Black Friday and check the price they have today for when we are the same but with a discount, let us know if it is worth it.

Since it is about limited offers and for a limited time, it is possible that if we think about it a lot, when we decide to buy something, it is over. The first advice is to make a list of those things that we are interested in buying and before Black Friday go looking at both physical stores and online, prices and possible discounts so that then it is only to buy and see where I can get it at the best price to buy it quickly and not miss the opportunity.

Something that can help you a lot is the comparators, such as the mobile comparator in MovilZona, or through other more generalists such as Google Shopping. Another of the tips is to have selected and monitored websites that we will visit that day – if we make our purchase online. All of them are already heated engines and some like Amazon already have Black Friday pages ready to start with different offers.

Some online stores like Amazon, publish in advance the offers that will be available on Black Friday, therefore, it is already possible to review the discounts for Black Friday at Amazon and when the time comes to have things clear and simply buy.

Buying online even when we can go to the physical store is another recommendation on Black Friday since most chains or large manufacturers offer the same store discounts as online. However, on Friday, November 24 at 00.001 it is possible that the offers are available online, while otherwise, we will have to wait the next day. In this way, we make sure we arrive on time and that bargain that we have been waiting for for so long does not run out.

It is always good to be cautious, great discounts and especially the amount of savings they offer us in some offers can play a trick on us. Therefore, it is recommended as we have said before, to check the prices of the products in which we are interested to buy before Black Friday arrives, since some sites may subsequently charge their original price to appear that the saving is much greater than what it really is. And this can blind us and buy without comparing and that is not so much the bargain as we expected.

In this sense, it is always very advisable to check the shipping costs on each site and the return policy well, since in the end the cheap can be more expensive than it seems. In the end, the best site will be the one that offers us a better price also taking into account the shipping costs and valuing the return policy in case it arrives defective or is not what we expected.

If we buy online, it is possible that if we are not fast, when we want to go shopping for what we were waiting for, it is already sold out. And is that, unlike physical stores, there can be hundreds of people waiting for that same offer and getting it online before you.

Therefore, if you are considering the possibility of buying it in one place or another, it is best that you create a user account ahead of time and so you will not have to waste time just the moment you decided to buy it. Having to enter our name, shipping address, payment method, etc., can take an important time.

Cyber Monday 

Waiting for Cyber Monday can be another good strategy when we want to get something extremely cheap. Remember that Cyber Monday is celebrated on Monday after Black Friday, therefore, if there is something we do not need but would like to buy it as long as it is a very low price, we can play it and wait for Cyber Monday.

Some stores or companies can get what they have left to sell on Black Friday even further down three days later in order to get rid of it. In this way, we can find even better offers, yes, we risk that this is not the case and we have run out of it.

Guides to take advantage of Black Friday offers

This day full of offers and discounts can be somewhat overwhelming. So you don’t miss out on so much mare magnum, here are some tips, tricks, and guides to surviving the “black Friday” of shopping:

How e vital scams on Black Friday: Some stores may seize the moment of euphoria of clients before the word bid or Black Friday to get the maximum benefit, hence we are going to show some recommendations to consider to avoid being scammed.

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