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Difference between Birth Control Pills and the Day after Pill

Difference between Birth Control Pills and the Day after Pill

Difference between Birth Control Pills and the Day after Pill:- What is Difference between Birth Control Pills and the Day after Pill? Maintaining intimate relationships with a partner can be very enjoyable and important, however, for many couples who are not yet ready or just do not want to have children at the moment; the act of love can turn out to be something “dangerous” with which one must be “careful”.

Difference between Birth Control Pills and the Day after Pill

Due to the need for many people (especially women) to maintain control over their reproduction, several contraceptive methods have been created and used throughout history; But at present there are some quite popular and even controversial ones worth knowing; As is the case of birth control pills and the morning after pill, which some confuse believing that it is the same.

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you what is the difference between the pill the day after and birth control pills.

Birth control pills

The birth control pills are one of the most family planning methods used to prevent pregnancy. They are taken orally and it is said that their effectiveness is 99.9% if taken correctly. They combine estrogens with other hormones, hence it is recommended that they be prescribed by a doctor and also used for other purposes; Such as regulating the menstrual cycle in women who for one reason or another have problems with their period (not any type of birth control pills is used for this purpose).

While they are very effective in preventing pregnancy, birth control pills do not protect against venereal diseases such as HIV / AIDS, among others.

This type of planning method works as follows: the hormones that contain the pills inhibit the natural hormonal cycle of the woman’s body thus preventing pregnancy. Generally, birth control pills stop the ovulation process. They also cause changes in cervical mucus; Making it harder for the sperm to reach the egg. Birth control pills are taken continuously for a certain period of time and, in many cases, following a certain order.

Pill of the day after

On the other hand, the morning after pill; Also known as emergency contraceptive pill differs from common birth control pills because, as the name implies, they are taken in emergencies where it is considered that there is a possibility of getting pregnant. It is not taken continuously as it happens in the first case.

It should not be believed that calling itself “the day after” only works if taken within that time frame (although it is best to take it as quickly as possible, since its effect decreases with each day). It can work up to the fifth day after having unprotected sex (no more there), since sperm can live on the woman’s body for that amount of time.

Some people confuse these types of pills with abortive pills; however, it is important to know that it is not the same. The morning-after pill prevents pregnancy because it postpones or prevents ovulation; but does not stop them once they have occurred. Finally, although some critics categorize it as abortive, several medical studies deny this possibility.

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