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Difference between Zinc White and Titanium White

Difference between Zinc White and Titanium White


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between zinc white and titanium white? Both are commonly used in oil painting, but they have different properties. In this post, we’ll explore the differences between these two whites and discuss which one is better for you. Stay tuned!

What is Zinc White?

Zinc white is a type of white pigment that is used in paints and other products. It is made from zinc oxide, which is a white powder. Zinc oxide is found naturally in the earth’s crust and is also produced synthetically. Zinc white pigment has a number of advantages over other types of white pigments. It is more opaque, meaning it can cover up dark colors better. It also has a higher refractive index, meaning it reflects light better. In addition, zinc white pigment is less likely to yellow over time. As a result, it is often preferred for use in outdoor applications where it will be exposed to sunlight.

What is Titanium White?

Titanium white is the most popular white pigment today and it is used in a variety of products, including paint, plastic and paper. Titanium dioxide is a durable and inert pigment that has a high refractive index, which means it is very opaque. Titanium dioxide also has a very high hiding power, which makes it ideal for use in products where opacity is important, such as paint. Titanium dioxide is also used in some food products as a whitener and colorant.

Difference between Zinc White and Titanium White

Zinc White and Titanium White are two of the most popular paints used by artists today. They both have their own unique properties that make them ideal for different types of art. Zinc White is a opaque paint that dries quickly and has a slightly chalky finish. It is often used for sketching or for creating a base coat. Titanium White, on the other hand, is a highly pigmented paint that produces a bright white color. It is perfect for creating highlights or for painting in detail. So, which one should you use? That depends on the type of art you are creating. If you are looking for a quick, easy way to create a sketch, Zinc White is the way to go. If you want to produce a bright, detailed painting, Titanium White is the better choice.


So, what is the difference between zinc white and titanium white? Titanium white is a brighter pigment that produces a whiter hue. Zinc white, on the other hand, has a more subtle appearance and can be useful for creating an optical mixture with other colors. When used correctly, both pigments can produce beautiful results.

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