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Difference between YouTube and Vimeo | YouTube vs. Vimeo

Difference between YouTube and Vimeo | YouTube vs. Vimeo

YouTube vs. Vimeo

Difference between YouTube and Vimeo: – When we surf the Internet we can find thousands of websites or portals that seem to have similar functions or characteristics, however, this does not mean that they are the same or that we get equal results.

Difference between YouTube and Vimeo

You may not, but at least after reading the title you probably have thought of those two great portals to see, share and upload videos; which quite often the public uses (maybe you are included) without knowing what makes them different.

If you have doubts or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube was founded in 2005 by PayPal employees, but in November 2006 Google acquired it for $ 1.65 billion. It is a website where users can view, upload and share videos online.

In the case of unregistered users, they can only view the content and share it, but not upload it to the platform. The registration on the page is something that is recommended, since there are some videos considered as strong or offensive content that may appear blocked for users who do not specify to be over 18 years.

YouTube is free and allows advertising to appear either at the beginning, during the video or at the end of it.

On the other hand, Vimeo is a website in the United States based on the concept of video-sharing or that users share their videos. Like YouTube, users can view, upload and share videos on the platform.

It was founded in 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein, but in 2006 it was purchased by IAC / InterActiveCorp. By 2011 Vimeo attracted 65 million unique visitors and had more than 8 million registered users.

Finally, unlike YouTube, Vimeo has tougher content policies. It also has paid versions such as “Vimeo Plus” and “Vime Pro”. Users who do not pay for any of these plans can upload 500 MB of videos per week, while on YouTube there is no such limitation for uploads.

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