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Difference between Yellow Card and Red Card


What is the Difference between Yellow Card and Red Card?

In football, when a referee takes a yellow card to a player,

it means that that player is officially warned in the game.

Followed by the warning with the yellow card, there is the scoring procedure.

In this procedure, the referee points out with a small note in a book that the player was reprimanded.

This means that the player has been scored and the player has been cautioned.

The player can continue in the game, after having been shown the yellow card.

Difference between Yellow Card and Red Card

Some of the reasons to show a yellow card can be:

  • Show rebellion through actions or words.
  • Violate the rules of the game continuously.
  • Make the game pause
  • Non-sporting behavior
  • Leave the field without the authorization of the referee.

A red card may be shown to the player by the referee when there is a serious offense and the card means that the player must leave the field immediately.

The abandonment of the field is called expulsion.

Once the player leaves the field, he or she cannot continue more time in the game.

As when the player leaves the game with a red card, no other player can be used as a replacement.

Then, the team will have to continue the game with fewer fewer of players.

Some reasons to show a red card can be:

  • Any act of violence
  • Spit on any other player in the field
  • A serious fault
  • Use gestures or offensive language
  • Professional lack

A yellow card can be shown twice to the player while the red card is only shown once.

When a yellow card is shown for the second time, the player will have to leave the field of play and a red card will be issued.

The yellow card is the first and only warning, while the red card disqualifies the player from continuing in the game.

Apart from the players, staff such as coaches and staff members can also be shown yellow and red cards for misconduct. But they will not be expelled from the area.

For Further Reading

In Summary:

  • The yellow card denotes warning to the player.
    • red card means that the player will be expelled from the game.
  • A player after obtaining a yellow card can continue playing,
    • but after winning a red card, the player cannot continue playing.
  • The yellow card can be given twice to the same player in a single game.
    • The red card only once.
  • When a yellow card is issued to a player, he can continue in the game.
    • But when a player leaves the field of play due to a red card, no player can replace it.

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