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Difference between Xterm and Terminal

Difference between Xterm and Terminal

Are you familiar with the terms Xterm and Terminal? Most tech-savvy people have heard these words, but they often go misunderstood. To help save you time and confusion, we’ll explain exactly what each term means and their key differences in this blog post. Xterm and Terminal are both programs used to access a Unix shell – or command line interface (CLI). However, there are significant features that set them apart from one another. We will provide a comparison of the two programs so you can see how each differs from the other. So if you want to better understand the distinction between XTerm and Terminal then read on!

What is Xterm?

  • Xterm is a popular terminal application and X Window System protocol that enables users to access a UNIX or Linux system directly from their computers. Xterm allows users to perform basic tasks such as running commands and scripts, using text-based browsers, etc., with remarkable speed and efficiency.
  • Xterm also provides features like multi-lining text entry, XFS support for font selection, graphical keyboard mapping, and network transparency. Xterm helps in managing remote computing capabilities so that businesses can take advantage of the latest Linux distributions to improve their operations.
  • Xterm is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance the flexibility of their systems by easily executing powerful commands quickly and accurately.

What is Terminal?

Terminal is an incredibly powerful tool for technology savvy individuals. It’s a command line interface (CLI) that allows users to interact with their computer through direct interaction with the system via text commands. Terminal acts like a gateway to tools, files and settings that are inaccessible from the traditional user-facing graphical user interface (GUI).

Terminal requires some technical knowledge to operate properly but the wide range of available commands makes it worth learning. Terminal allows users to customize and automate tasks, script complex operations and optimize system performance. Terminal is invaluable for tech experts in many industries that require performing daily tasks quickly and easily.

Difference between Xterm and Terminal

  • Xterm and Terminal are two different applications used in the computing world. Xterm is a terminal emulator, while Terminal is an interface that allows users to send commands to their computers.
  • Xterm is typically used for remote access or logging onto a UNIX-like system, while Terminal is commonly used to access Mac OS X or iOS systems. Xterm includes additional features like adjustable fonts and color schemes, making it more useful for technical users who may want to customize their setup.
  • On the other hand, Terminal provides users with basic access to the command line interface but does not offer the same level of customization as Xterm. Xterm and Terminal both present users with access to powerful tools, however Xterm can extend this capability further by providing increased customization options.


In conclusion, the main difference between Xterm and Terminal is that Terminal allows users to access their computer system’s core functions while Xterm provides a more complete set of features and customization options. As a result, it is important to choose the right tool for the job at hand. If you need to simply perform some basic tasks, Terminal will probably suffice. However, if you require moreadvanced functionality or are working with sensitive data, Xterm is the better choice.

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