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Difference between WPS and PQR

Difference between WPS and PQR

There is a lot of confusion between WPS and PQR, two types of welding. In this article, we will discuss the differences between them and shed some light on which one is most suitable for your needs. Let’s get started!

What is WPS?

A WPS is a Welding Procedure Specification. It is a document that provides instructions on how to perform a welding procedure. The WPS will specify the type of welding to be used, the materials to be used, the dimensions of the weld, and any other information necessary to perform the procedure safely and correctly. A WPS is often used in conjunction with a WQA, or Welding Quality Assurance plan. The WQA will specify the quality requirements for the weld, and the WPS will provide the instructions on how to achieve those requirements. Together, these two documents form the basis for a successful welding operation.

What is PQR?

PQR Procedure Qualification Record is a formal document that provides evidence that a certain welding procedure produces welds that meet the required standards. The PQR is used to qualify welders and welding procedures for use in production applications. It is important to note that the PQR does not guarantee that all welds produced using the qualified procedure will meet the required standards.

However, it does provide evidence that the procedure is capable of producing acceptable welds. The PQR is an important tool in ensuring the quality of welding operations and should be used when qualifying welders and procedures for production use.

Difference between WPS and PQR

WPS stands for Welding Procedure Specification and PQR stands for Procedure Qualification Record. WPS is a document that provides instructions on how to perform a particular welding process, while PQR is a record of the actual weld tests that were performed using the WPS. The main difference between WPS and PQR is that WPS is a written document while PQR is a physical record.

WPS can be used as a reference for writing PQRs, but PQRs cannot be used as references for WPSs. Another difference between WPS and PQR is that WPSs are usually specific to one welding process, while PQRs can be used for multiple processes. Finally, WPSs are generally created by welding engineers, while PQRs are typically created by welding operators.


The difference between WPS and PQR types of welding is that a WPS is created to ensure the welder has all the information they need before beginning the weld, while a PQR is an actual welding procedure that is followed during the weld. If you are looking for a more specific or customized welding procedure, it is best to create your own WPS and have it approved by a qualified professional.

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