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Difference between Wizard and Sorcerer

Difference between Wizard and Sorcerer

Wizard and Sorcerer

What is Difference between Wizard and Sorcerer? In antiquity, when the human being was not able to find answers to questions concerning nature and physical phenomena; there were people who were considered to have extraordinary powers and abilities such as casting spells, using magic or doing witchcraft. In all cultures, societies and tribes there have been influential men and women to whom supernatural powers have been attributed. Below this post is all about the difference between Wizard and Sorcerer.

Difference between Wizard and Sorcerer

Over time, these people have been called in different ways: wizards spell casters or wizards, enchanters, druids, shamans, among others. Among these today we will focus on magicians and sorcerers, since they are two different categories that in many cases are used in the same way.


These are people who have mastered magic and who have learned it either through memorization or through deep studies. These people use ancient magic and are considered masters among all people who use magic for good or ill.

A sorcerer is a magic specialist who uses magic to cast spells.


A sorcerer is a man (also a woman) who is considered a wise person. Someone smart with knowledge of magic. Normally, magicians do not make personal use of magic, although there have been cases in which yes.

The sorcerer performs presentations or rituals where they exhibit their knowledge of magic. According to legend, they are mostly descendants of Zoroaster. There are “fictional magicians”, who perform tricks that pretend to be magic and “magicians from the inside”; which claim to possess an internal power that can materialize.

Key differences between Wizard and Sorcerer

  • Sorcerers are people who have studied magic and who dominate it. Magicians, on the other hand, can control their environment with their knowledge.
  • The magicians create their own magic, while the sorcerers study them from the books and copy the spells.
  • Usually the sorcerers use some instrument to cast their spells, while the magician does not require this.

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