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Difference between White and Yellow Corn

Difference between White and Yellow Corn

In the United States, corn is classified into two types: white and yellow. The classification depends on the kernel’s color. Both types of corn have the same nutritional value, but there are some differences in their culinary uses. White corn is sweeter and has a more delicate flavor than yellow corn. It is best used for desserts, whereas yellow corn is more suited for savory dishes.

What is White Corn?

White corn is a type of maize that has a high starch content and a relatively sweet flavor. It is often used to make tortillas, chips, and other traditional Mexican dishes. White corn is also used to make masa, a dough made from ground corn that is used to make tamales and pupusas. In the United States, white corn is often used to make hominy, a type of cornmeal that is used in soups and stews. White corn is typically available year-round, but it is most plentiful in the summer months.

What is Yellow Corn?

Yellow corn is a variety of corn that is typically yellow in color. The kernels of yellow corn are larger and sweeter than those of other varieties, making it a popular choice for use in animal feed as well as in processed foods such as corn oil and corn syrup. Yellow corn is also used in ethanol production and as a biofuel. Unlike white or blue corn, yellow corn does not have any genetic modification. Yellow corn is typically grown in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and India. Yellow corn has been a staple food in many cultures for centuries, and it remains an important crop today.

Difference between White and Yellow Corn

White and yellow corn are the two most common types of corn. White corn is more starchy, while yellow corn is sweeter. White corn is often used in savory dishes, while yellow corn is typically used in sweet dishes or as a snack. White and yellow corn both have their own unique flavor, so it really depends on your personal preference for which one you choose to use. White corn is also known for being more nutritious, as it contains more vitamins and minerals than yellow corn. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences as to which type of corn you prefer.


Corn is a popular crop in the United States, and there are two types of corn—white and yellow. White corn has a higher sugar content than yellow corn, which makes it ideal for making products like high fructose corn syrup and ethanol. Yellow corn is more common, and it’s used to make products like tortillas, chips, and feed for livestock. There isn’t much difference between the two types of corn nutritionally speaking, but there are some slight differences in taste.

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