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Difference between Wasp and Bee

Difference between Wasp and Bee

Wasp vs. Bee

What is Difference between Wasp and Bee? Not only does spring bring beautiful flowers with you, it is also the favorite season for many insects. It is in spring when most of these insects prefer to go out to feed them and of course, reproduce. This season is when we see that in our yard abound butterflies, but also bees and wasps. Yes, just as you just read; these insects are everywhere when spring comes.

Difference between Wasp and Bee

As you know bees and wasps are different and if you are wondering what makes the difference then continue reading, here below is all about the difference between Wasp and bee.


Bees are anthrophiles; they are Hymenoptera insects belonging to the apoidea family. Generally, bees are associated with honey. These insects collect pollen and nectar from the flowers to produce it. The ability they possess to collect these substances from flowers is largely due to the characteristics of their bodies. These small animals have baskets on their legs that allow them to store pollen.

Although there are many types of bees, most are light brown or amber with some black stripes. Bees are sociable creatures that prefer to live in large hives that regularly build on the trees. The queen bee is in charge of controlling the workers in charge of the construction of the hive.

Bees are usually very peaceful and do not attack unless they are provoked. Once they sting they die because the sting they have is an important part of their body.


On the other hand, wasps are commonly predatory. Unlike bees, they do not produce honey and their “house” is usually called honeycomb, not hive. Wasps are more aggressive than bees and their bodies are much more stylized and large. Like bees, wasps are also often found in amber, yellow, brown and black. Finally, unlike bees, wasps are not so sociable and depend on other insects for their nourishment and survival.

Key Differences between Bees and Wasps

  • Wasps are larger than bees.
  • Bees produce honey and wasps do not.
  • Bees build hives, while wasps make honeycombs.
  • Wasps are much more aggressive than bees.

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