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Difference between Velvet and Velveteen

Difference between Velvet and Velveteen

There is a big difference between velvet and velveteen. Some people might think they are the same, but they are not. Velvet is made from silk or cotton while velveteen is made from wool. Velvet has a sheen to it while velveteen does not.

Velveteen is also known to be more durable than velvet. While both fabrics can be dyed in different colors, the velvet will usually have a richer color than velveteen. So if you’re looking for something luxurious and rich, go with velvet, but if you want something that will last longer, go with velveteen.

What is Velvet?

Velvet is a type of fabric that has a short, dense pile. Velvet is made from silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Velvet can be dyed in many different colors. Velvet is used for clothing, upholstery, and drapery. Velvet has a luxurious feel and appearance. Velvet is made by weaving the fabric in such a way that the pile is raised on one side and flattened on the other. Velvet is a very delicate fabric and should be handled with care. Velvet should be dry-cleaned or hand-washed in cool water. Velvet should be ironed on the low setting.

What is Velveteen?

Velveteen is a type of woven fabric that is made from cotton. The fabric has a short pile, which gives it a smooth and velvety surface. Velveteen is used for many different purposes, including upholstery, clothing, and dolls. It is also often used as a lining for jackets and other garments. Velveteen is more durable than velvet, making it a good choice for items that will see heavy use. However, it is not as lustrous as velvet, and it does not drape as well. Velveteen is available in a wide range of colors, including both solid and print designs.

Difference between Velvet and Velveteen

  • Velvet and Velveteen are two types of fabrics that are often used interchangeably, but there are some important differences between them. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that is made from silk or silk-like material. It has a short, closely woven pile that creates a smooth texture. Velveteen, on the other hand, is made from cotton or a cotton-blend fabric.
  • It has a longer pile than velvet, which gives it a more textured surface. Velvet is typically more expensive than velveteen, and it is also more delicate. Velvet should be dry-cleaned, while velveteen can be machine-washed.
  • When choosing between velvet and velveteen, it is important to consider the intended use of the fabric. For example, Velvet would be more appropriate for a formal gown, while velveteen would be better suited for a child’s toy.


The difference between velvet and velveteen may seem small, but it is important to understand the distinctions before you make a purchase. Velvet is made from cotton or silk, while velveteen contains more synthetic fibers. Velveteen is also more durable and less likely to show wear and tear. When shopping for upholstery or clothing, be sure to ask about the materials used so that you can make an informed decision.

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