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Difference between Ubergo and Uberx

Difference between Ubergo and Uberx

The taxi industry has seen a lot of change in the past few years. With the rise of Uber, there are now more options for consumers when it comes to getting around town. But what is the difference between Uberx and Ubergo? Here’s a breakdown.

What is Ubergo?

Ubergo is Uber’s entry-level service, which offers riders a lower-cost option for Uber rides. Ubergo cars are typically smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and the fares are calculated based on time and distance traveled. Ubergo is available in select markets, and riders can choose Ubergo when they book their ride through the Uber app. Ubergo riders will see the estimated fare before they confirm their ride, and they can expect to pay about 20% less than they would for an UberX ride. Ubergo is a great option for riders who want to save money on their Uber rides.

What is Uberx?

Uberx is Uber’s flagship product – it’s their original Uber service and the one that most Uber users are familiar with. Uberx is a ridesharing service that allows Uber users to request a ride from Uber drivers. The Uberx fares are calculated based on time and distance, and Uber takes a cut of the fare. Uberx is available in most cities around the world and is the most popular Uber service. In recent years, Uber has also introduced other services, such as Uber Pool and Uber Eats, but Uberx remains the core product.

Difference between Ubergo and Uberx

Ubergo is Uber’s basic service, while Uberx is a more premium offering. Ubergo is typically cheaper but has fewer features, while Uberx is more expensive but includes more features. Uberx also offers a higher level of customer service and safety. For example, Uberx drivers are more likely to have insurance and be background-checked than Ubergo drivers. Uberx vehicles are also typically newer and in better condition than Ubergo vehicles. As a result, Uberx is the better option for those who are willing to pay more for a higher quality service.


The next time you need to take a ride, be sure to check and see if Uberx or Ubergo is available in your area. Both services have their pros and cons, so it ultimately comes down to what’s important to you as the rider. Do you want the cheapest fare? Or do you prioritize luxury and convenience? Whichever service you choose, we know that you’ll enjoy a safe, comfortable, and affordable ride with Uber.

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